WeChat: the all-rounder for Chinese people

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Have you heard of WeChat, this digital “Swiss army knife” of the Chinese? Like Facebook, WeChat or Weiwin in Chinese is the most used social network in China. It’s primarily an instant messaging app, but it’s more than that.

WeChat in a few figures

1 billion active users connected on average per month

94% of Chinese users use WeChat every day to read content, chat with friends or coworkers, pay for products and services, or be entertained

More than half of users open the app more than 10 times a day and spend an average of 2 to 3 hours of their time on the many features of WeChat

A complete and innovative ecosystem

Developed by the Chinese internet services giant Tencent, WeChat is an essential means of communication in China, whether with friends, family or colleagues. For foreign tourists, it is also the application that must be had to stay in touch with loved ones since the censorship policy of social networks prohibits access to Western web giants such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Skype. ...

WeChat is also a complete ecosystem where you can do everything and never leave it. Thus, it offers and groups together all the services that the population may need on a daily basis. It allows in particular the sharing of photos and videos of your daily life, to book a taxi like Uber does, to make financial transactions whether it is at the level of your bank account or to pay your bills, to make purchases in online or in-store thanks to their virtual wallet, to reserve their cinema tickets, to buy their train or plane tickets, to send money to a friend, but also to rent a community bike. It's a mix of Facebook, Instagram, Paypal, Amazon and more, all in one app. In addition, around 580,000 applications are integrated to offer additional services, accessible by scanning the QR codes offered by the various organizations.

How it works ? we open the Wechat application, present our QR code, the seller scans it and "hop! "The money is transferred with a single click. The mobile app is linked to the checking account, not the credit card. For each transaction, the account is debited and you can follow the details of all the expenses made directly on the application.

The mobile payment revolution in China

Quick payment enabled by Wechat, online or directly in store via a QR code to scan has established itself as a real way of life in China. In 2016, $ 5.5 trillion was paid by mobile in China.

Mobile payment is therefore practiced everywhere: in restaurants, nightclubs, major international chains… In some places, it is impossible to pay in cash, even less by credit card: only payment by WeChat is accepted. Finally, to return money to friends, the app also offers a "Split the Bill" feature that allows a group to determine who should repay what to the person who paid the bill.

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