Twitter launches paid subscriptions to follow certain influencers

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Twitter launched paid subscriptions to selected accounts, a new tool to reward content creators, at the heart of its strategy to expand its audience and rely less on advertising revenue.

Influencers - makeup or sports experts, for example - will be able to offer their audience to become "super-followers" ("super-subscribers"), and thus receive exclusive content (tips, stories, analysis, etc.) for subscribing to your account for $ 3, 5, or $ 10 per month.

Super subscriber

"As a super follower, you can participate in conversations that only other paying subscribers have access to," said Esther Crawford, product manager of the social network, in a statement issued Wednesday. In the future, Twitter will add the ability to offer exclusive "Spaces" (audio rooms), newsletters or even anonymity for subscribers. "And don't worry, public tweets don't go away," she says.


The San Francisco-based company will not take more than 3% of the profits, initially. When a creator has earned more than $ 50,000, the platform's share will increase to 20% of revenue, after the mobile operating system commission (iOS for Apple or Android for Google).

Limited test group

The feature debuts in the United States and Canada, for a limited group of creators, who own an iPhone or iPad (Apple). It should spread gradually geographically and on the other dominant system (Android).

New features

Last May, Twitter introduced its "Tip Jar", a tool that allows users to donate to their favorite accounts. Then, in June, the platform launched paid subscription offers for its users in Canada and Australia who want access to practical features. For around $ 3.50 a month, these paid users have access to bookmarks to store their favorite tweets in categories, a more convenient "read" mode and, above all, a "cancel" button, to see their tweet before send it.

The Californian group looks for ways to generate income without interrupting the flow of the service with more publicity. It has more than 200 million active users.

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