Twitter Blue: discover the features of the paid version of the network

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Twitter is expected to have a paid version soon. It does indeed appear in the App Store as Twitter Blue and should offer several things of interest to Internet users, such as a Cancel button.

Twitter is a completely free social network, and has been since its inception, but a paid version should appear soon. The leaks suggested a subscription and today a researcher spotted this special version of the app on the App Store.

Jane Manchun Wong has indeed had access to the paid version of Twitter. She spotted it on the app page of the App Store. Twitter Blue, that's its name, is available for $ 2.99 per month and offers a variety of things.

“To test, I became the first subscriber to Twitter Blue,” she wrote in a tweet.

Twitter Allows To Cancel A Tweet To Customize The Interface

For $ 3 per month, Twitter Blue offers various little things compared to the classic version of the network. For example, it is possible to customize the color of its icon, to replace sky blue with orange, black or pink.

We also notice a button to Cancel a tweet, a feature that had been spotted by the same Jane Manchun Wong a few months ago. After you've posted your post, Twitter gives you five seconds to cancel it before it's published. Ideal if you tweet mindlessly and find yourself regretting immediately. A reading mode, which remains very mysterious for the moment, is also present. Finally, we note on Jane Manchun Wong's profile that a tweet posted by someone else (here the first tweet posted by Jack Dorsey, the founder of the network) is pinned, which is impossible in normal times.

At the moment, all of this only appears to be in the beta phase and Twitter has not commented on it. However, the arrival of this feature seems inevitable over time. The network gets richer and richer as the months go by and has millions of users. If some of them are willing to pay $ 3 a month, that would be a huge financial windfall for the San Francisco-based company.

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