Top 3 GPS Trackers for Kids in 2022

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At some point, parents must let go and stop overprotecting children so that they acquire their autonomy. But how not to worry? This is where all the interest of a GPS tracker for children lies. Available in various formats, this ingenious tool informs you of your child's position in real time.

1. Good selection: On Watch Smartwatch Kids GPS

This GPS tracker watch for children indicates the location of the person wearing it in real time. It also incorporates other features, such as two-way calls and geofencing mode.

The adoption of this GPS tracker watch will be done quickly as it contains many features. There is, for example, the camera with its gallery, the calendar, the pedometer that indicates the distance traveled on foot, the alarm, messaging and call functions. Also remember that this kids GPS tracker is waterproof and can be used in less than 1m depth. Despite all its features, the watch's battery can last up to 96 hours.

For parents, this accessory, thanks to GPS and WiFi, allows them to know where their little ones are at all times. To do this, you must insert a SIM card. Then you can add up to 15 contacts - only these configured numbers can communicate (send and receive calls) with the kids GPS tracker watch. You can also set a geofence to virtually draw a safe zone. If your child exceeds the limits, you will be notified immediately.

2. Best Cheap: LBS Kids GPS Watch

This inexpensive kids GPS tracker was made to put parents at ease. In addition to GPS location, it has anti-lost, anti-fall and SOS function. The main mission of this children's GPS tracker watch is to reassure parents and protect children from possible accidents or aggressions. First of all, you need to buy a SIM card from the operator of your choice so that the call options and intercom mode are accessible. Specifically, this means that you can contact your child at any time and vice versa, either by phone or remote voice chat.

Real-time synchronization between the tracker's GPS beacon and your smartphone lets you know exactly where your child is at all times. If you deviate too much from your usual routes, an alert will be sent to you. Similarly, if the kids GPS tracker watch is stolen or destroyed, you will be notified immediately. The SOS function completes it all: when your child presses the panic button, an urgent SMS will be sent to the 10 preconfigured numbers in the device's memory.

3. Best High-End: TCL MT40X GPS

Much more than a GPS tracker watch for children, this accessory replaces a phone thanks to its GPS beacon, its photo and video camera, its 4G connection, its two-way calling and messaging functions.

If you are worried that your child will easily accept a child GPS tracker, give this model a try. Equipped with a 32px camera, this accessory allows you to take photos and videos; the video call option is even possible. At this point, it should be noted that this connected watch has a bidirectional call function (send and receive) and a messaging option (SMS).

This high-end kids GPS tracker watch also has an alarm function and a pedometer that measures walking distance. Associated with your Smartphone, this watch sends you the signal of its GPS beacon at any time so that you know very precisely where your child is. Also set up a geofence to receive alerts if your child crosses a safe area. In case of danger or accident, your child can alert you instantly with the SOS button.

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