The best walkie-talkies 2021

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The walkie-talkie allows you to communicate for free in places where it is difficult to find a telephone and radio signal, especially in the middle of nature. In the form of a toy or a real alternative to a cell phone, its range can reach tens of kilometers. But in the face of the variety of offers, finding the right walkie talkie is not easy.

1. Komvox walkie-talkie

You will be impressed with the long range of this 8km Komvox Walkie Talkie bundle. The same goes for its ease of use, its satisfactory autonomy and its resistance to the elements.

Komvox walkie-talkies deliver on all their promises. Designed for lovers of outdoor activities, these models guarantee high-quality communication. The 2 accessories integrate 8 channels with channel scanning and are adorned with a yellow front panel that ensures better visibility. There is no risk of reception or transmission being compromised as long as you use the same channels or frequencies.

The Komvox pair of walkie-talkies can be powered via a 5 V USB charging cable. With a range of 5 miles (approx. 8 km), it puts its 121 CTCSS privacy codes at your disposal so you can stay connected. . Hands-free use is quite possible, the devices are equipped with a transmission system by voice and sound activation.

2. Best cheap: Retevis RT388

Intended for children, these PMR446 walkie-talkies have a backlit LCD screen, 10 ringtones and allow communication on 8 channels and 99 CTSS / DCS subchannels. But impossible to use them for outdoor activities.

The Retevis RT388 walkie-talkies are toys, but they still work fine. They are especially appreciated for their audio quality, with a clear and fluid sound, without forgetting the adjustable volume according to the wishes. Each walkie-talkie is also equipped with an anti-interference feature that reduces unwanted noise. The powerful antenna of these devices allows them to transmit up to a distance of 2 km in the absence of obstacles.

Not suitable for outdoor activities, the Retevis RT388 is still resistant to wear and tear. Durable, non-toxic ABS and PC plastic give them excellent resistance to heat, moisture, and impact. With the VOX function, children can talk without pressing the PTT button. As an added bonus, these walkie talkies have a key lock to prevent children from tampering with the settings, as well as an LED flashlight, very useful during camping nights in the garden.

3. Best high-end: Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme Duo

The Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme are used in the harshest environments. Operating on the PMR446 frequency, these professional walkie-talkies allow communication on 16 channels and 121 sub-channels.

The Talkabout T82 Extreme is the two-way communication device you need for your adventures in the mountains or by the sea. This license-free walkie-talkie is very popular with outdoor enthusiasts, but also with construction professionals and many others. With an IPX4 degree of protection, the 2 devices offered in this set are resistant to strong splashes of water.

The Talkabout T82 Extreme has a reinforced shell that allows it to withstand drops and bumps. It is also blessed with a hidden screen display that offers some confidentiality, as well as an LED flashlight. As for the battery, it is the NiMH type that promises an autonomy of 18 hours. If something goes wrong, there is an emergency call button to alert other users.

4. Outdoor walkie-talkies: BaoFeng UV-5R

Don't be fooled by its slightly annoying appearance, this Chinese-made walkie-talkie is impressive in efficiency. It allows communication in 128 channels with a transmission power of 5W for VHF and 4W for UHF.

Just looking at its design, we can see that the BaoFeng UV-5R walkie-talkie is designed for outdoor activities. If you practice hiking, trail running or any similar activity, this communication device allows you to stay in contact with your loved ones within a radius of 5 km without obstacles. Please note that this product is equipped with an LCD screen that displays various information such as battery status, channel, and function used.

With the VOX functionality of the BaoFeng UV-5R, you can speak without pressing a button and without waiting for the other party to finish what they have to say. You will be delighted to know that this walkie talkie doubles as an FM radio. If you want, you can control a noise canceling microphone with this walkie talkie.

5. Cheap alternative: Midland XT10

Despite their compact dimensions, the Midland XT10 walkie talkies offer all the basic features of a good walkie talkie for outdoor use. It has up to 16 channels, 8 of which are preset by CTCSS.

Despite its size, this device has several important advantages over the competition, in particular its resistance to water and its autonomy. Communication is further improved thanks to its 38 confidentiality codes. However, do not trust its battery indicator, which is less accurate and has a relatively low range (4 km).

Each Midland XT10 walkie talkie runs on 3 batteries and has a total of 16 channels, 8 of which are pre-programmed by CTCSS on a frequency of 446 MHz. Offered in a set of two, the kit includes Call and Vox hands-free functions. Its ease of use makes it easy to use for children or for leisure time.

6. Family use: Wishouse M8

Whether hunting, camping or any family nature expedition, this set of 2 rechargeable Wishouse M8 walkie-talkies will delight adventurous kids. Attention, the range does not exceed 1 km.

The Wishouse M8s, designed for outdoor games, will allow you to enjoy 2 communication modes. In fact, you can receive calls as you would with a simple telephone, answering after the ring or using the hands-free mode. There, the call is made by voice. The package includes 2 rechargeable walkie-talkies each with 2 USB chargers and 3 batteries with a total capacity of 3000 mAh. To increase the life of these batteries, the devices have an "automatic power save" function.

The Wishouse M8 doesn't skimp on safety. In addition to its CE-certified manufacturing materials, the communication tool allows night-time use thanks to its built-in flashlight. It is also equipped with a key lock system, which will prevent you from accidentally changing settings. Unfortunately, the Wishouse M8 suffers from relatively low range. Although the manufacturer has announced a maximum of 3 km, it does not actually work beyond 1 km.

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