The best virtual reality games for PC for total immersion

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Virtual reality games for PC take you on an incredible and unsuspected adventure. Using a virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you will immerse yourself in the world of your game like in Star Wars: Squadrons or the game No Man's Sky.

You can interact with objects directly using your hands or run and explore everything.

In short, it is the dream of every player that comes true and we always ask for more. To meet the growing demand, Sony, Bethesda or Valve, among others, are launching more and more games with augmented reality technology, which allows diversifying the offer: RPG, FPS, etc. Even the facebook company now called Meta, will work hard to take virtual reality to a new level so that daily life such as shopping or having work meetings is possible; they develop what they call a metaverse.

Meanwhile, we can enjoy the games. We have selected the best virtual reality games for PC that provide a unique and electrifying gaming experience.

1. Project Wingman

Project Wingman is a pilot simulation game that allows you to fly fighter jets and experience airborne combat and become a real ace. Fight in a variety of missions and game modes ranging from intense aerial combat to large-scale ground assaults in another scorched-earth environment.

2. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game that does not need to be introduced. The initial version dates back to 1982. And the latest version was released in August 2020 and is by far the most comprehensive flight simulation game of all time.

3. Subnautica

Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world full of resources, creatures, wonders, and threats. Create teams and submarines to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems and more, all while trying to survive.

4. The Forest

As the sole survivor of a plane crash, you find yourself in a mysterious forest fighting for survival against a tribe of mutant cannibals. Build, explore and survive in this terrifying first-person Survival Horror.

5. Cosmic Flow

More than a virtual reality game for PC, Cosmic Flow is a relaxing visual experience, an audiovisual massage of the mind and a kaleidoscopic meditation. Cosmic Flow was developed by an artist as part of a first series of virtual reality experiences that foster connection and personal expression.

6. Rush

Are you ready to experience strong emotions? Dive into the adrenaline-pumping world of the wingsuit with RUSH! Fly over the mountainsides at breakneck speed. Cross canyons, avoid outcrops, and dive down steep slopes as you make your way to the finish line.

7. Eleven table tennis

It is simply the best table tennis simulator online. You can play against opponents in multiplayer or single player mode to fine-tune your game. With physics designed to be as real as possible, you will forget that you are in virtual reality.

8. Pure Bowl VR

For the first time, it is a successful rendering. Here's a virtual reality game for PC that will allow fans, or beginners, to experience bowling. With various options, you can play locally with multiple friends in your living room.

9. Beat Saber

Entertaining, Beat Saber is a game that merges Stars Wars and Guitar Hero. Instead of the buttons, you have in your hand a lightsaber that will allow you to cut the cubes while staying in sync with the music. Real escape, you can download other music packages.

10. A Fisherman's Tale

Bend and warp reality in A Fisherman's Tale! This is a mind-blowing virtual reality puzzle adventure game where flipping and flipping isn't just a word game.

11. Eye in the sky

Here's a breathtaking puzzle game in virtual reality. The immersion that augmented reality brings is disconcerting and adds an undeniable advantage to the game: The universe is a beacon in the middle of a storm and its surroundings that contain many surprises.

12. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

We dreamed it, they did it! Just when you were there, I took the place of Captain Kirk, Navigator Sulu, or Officer Uhara. Take possession of the USS Enterprise and travel the galaxy at your leisure. However, your decisions will affect the fate of your crew.

13. No man's Sky

No Man's Sky is an epic sci-fi adventure set in an infinite universe, in which each star is the light of a distant sun, orbiting planets full of life. You can visit all the planets. Explore new worlds and trade, fight and survive on a galactic scale!

14. Paper Beast

It's the virtual reality version of Monster Hunter World, if we can put it that way. Instead of hunting monsters in this dreamy universe, you explore a colorful world where you have to interact with creatures endowed with intelligence. In addition, you will have the opportunity to act on the environment.

15. The Room VR: dark matter

Do you like puzzles? That's good, this game is full of them. The different puzzles will keep you active for many hours. The plot begins with the disappearance of an Egyptologist from the Museum of London. Your search begins with a safe!

16. Phasmophobia

Hold on tight, because with Phasmophobia you won't stand still! The setting places you at the heart of a cooperative 4-player team whose mission is to explore places with paranormal activity. Beware of the screeching or crying of an owl!

17. Fallout 4 VR

Feel the adrenaline rush in this sci-fi shooting game. Fallout 4 VR is the latest augmented reality game from Bethesda. You wake up 200 years after the nuclear war. With the help of your robot dog, you must survive against mutants and explore an apocalyptic world.

18. Dark Threads

In this interactive sci-fi universe, play as an inventor who must save the world. Things will get bad when you try to transfer your consciousness to Rea, an artificial intelligence created by you. Get stuck in the computer, the adventure may not last.

19. Safezone VR

This survival horror game takes you to the heart of a world that will not give you gifts. Hide, run and loot everything in your way while trying to escape from a safe zone.

20. Rec Room

Play together, talk, hang out and explore millions of rooms or build one in this fun adventure game. Add more immersion with virtual reality that will only improve the game.

21. Bean Stalker

In a world where danger lies under every leaf on a tree, heroes also rise and fall to progress. Evolve, collect resources, build the ones you need to face the tree spirit and become a legend of this world.

22. Cursed Night - The House

It's 1972 in Texas and one night you hit a car near a farm in Stafford. To find help, you reach out and it is possibly the worst decision of your life. Find out what's next in this horror adventure game.

23. Endless Becoming - Apartment

In this interactive visual art game, the power of virtual reality takes you into this special world of exploration. Experience in first person various sensations related to architecture, sound and other digital phenomena.

24. Deisim

Play the role of God, the master of all things in this construction adventure game to decide the fate of humanity through divine simulation sessions. Increase the sensation with virtual reality.

25. Half - Life: Alyx

Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx takes place in a world dominated by the cartel. The war is all but lost, but resistance is building with the spearhead Alyx Vance. Riddles and fight to the death on the horizon!

26. Boneworks

Boneworks is a virtual reality game that combines FPS and reflection. You must use the objects on your way to be able to finish the missions and be able to progress. The solo phase can last up to 7 hours of play.

27. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is a fully multiplayer space epic. Forge your own path through a rich environment, against a backdrop of pure anarchy, galactic power, and intrigue. Do whatever it takes to upgrade your ship's hull, engines, weapons, fenders, and cargo bay.

28. Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi. Taking and innovative, the controls of your X-wing or Interceptor are very successful in bringing stress and fun to your fights. The campaign will hang you no less than 8 hours.

29. Vertigo Remastered

Immersive shooter game with a story that incorporates the best of the game. The VR game has been overhauled, there is new content and many other improvements for a successful immersion.

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