The best unicycles 2022

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The unicycle is an urban transport device that has become fashionable in all the capitals of the world. After a minimum of preparation and without skimping on protective accessories (elbow pads, leg guards, helmet, etc.), the electric unicycle allows you to move in a very fun way.

All models work with the gyroscopic technique but not all have the same qualities. We have selected 5 models for you. The unicycle must be fast, durable, easily rechargeable and comfortable for maximum pleasure of sliding or doing stunts.

1. SegWay Ninebot One S2

This unicycle model offers maximum sensations. Robust and powerful (maximum speed of 24 km/h), the Ninebot One S2 is efficient and durable (range: 30 km) without neglecting comfort. Ultra practical, its weight of 11 kg and its compact size make it a unicycle that goes everywhere. It can traverse slopes of up to 15 degrees incline. Its 14-inch wheels allow you to plan long trips without getting tired. The SegWay is equipped with customizable LEDs. The detail that makes the little extra: it is IP54, that is, waterproof.

2.InMotion V10

The InMotion V10 unicycle has excellent support in the city and on the highway thanks to its 16-inch wheels and its wide pedals that have non-slip rubbers. The side pads also ensure greater comfort. Safety is provided by highly visible front and rear LED lights with a brake light function at the rear. The InMotion V10 gyroscope can reach 25 km/h thanks to the power of its motor (1800 W). Its autonomy is 55 km. His weight is 20.6 Kg.

3. Kingsong KS-16S

With its 1200 Watt motor and 420Wh 67V battery, the Kingsong KS-16S unicycle can reach 35km/h and climb 30 degree slopes. Its great autonomy of 55 km is an undeniable asset. Its 16-inch wheels are especially suitable for urban environments. Slightly bulkier than the 14-inches, they offer a dynamic and comfortable driving experience. The Kingsong KS-16S has large pads that ensure a good level of comfort for the user. Its weight is 17 kg and it is designed so that you do not have to carry it.

4.InMotion V8

The InMotion V8 unicycle is a model particularly suitable for the city, in particular thanks to its 16-inch wheels. It has a range of 40 km and an 800W motor that allows it to climb slopes of up to 25° incline. Its maximum speed is 25 km/h. Its lightness (13.8 kg) and its integrated telescopic trolley make this model very manageable and easily transportable, like a suitcase, on the subway or bus. Its powerful headlight allows you to drive at night in complete safety.

5.InMotion V5f

The InMotion brand has designed the V5f unicycle as an affordable model with great stability and a good level of comfort. Its maximum speed is 25 km/h and it has a range of 30 to 35 km. The InMotion V5f has a lithium battery (72V 4Ah) and a motor with a power of 550 W. The motor cut-off button allows you to carry this light unicycle (12 Kg) in complete safety.

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