The best steering wheels for PC in 2022

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The days of playing Asseto Corsa and Dirt Rallye with controllers are completely over. It is time to do it with a PC wheel that guarantees greater realism and a more immersive experience.

But, there are hundreds of manufacturers and this makes it difficult to choose. To help you, we have prepared this buying guide with a selection of the best PC steering wheels of the moment.

1. A good choice: Thrustmaster T300RS

The Thrustmaster T300RS is a wheel capable of taking racing simulation to the next level. The manufacturer rewards us with a precise steering wheel thanks to Heart technology. You can see that the finish has been painstaking just by looking at the 28cm diameter wheel which is adorned with a reinforced rubber coating for unparalleled gaming comfort. The two sequential shift paddles are 100% metal and on top of that you have all the PS4 buttons. Under the hood, it has a quiet brushless motor with smooth, responsive and realistic force feedback.

The precision is due to the Heart technology, which uses a magnetic sensor placed on the steering axis to retransmit movements. In addition, the two pedals are made of metal and the brake pedal mechanism is progressive. These are adjustable with 6 possible positions to meet your requirements.

2. Best Cheap: Speedlink Black Bolt Racing Wheel

An entry-level PC wheel that offers a good driving feel, the Speedlink is perfect for a first time purchase. It offers a 180° rotation angle and has an ergonomic pedal.

The Speedlink Black Bolt has been made from high quality plastic with strategically placed buttons. The blades are not metal, but they respond well. It's perfect for arcade-style racing games with its 180° rotation angle and supports DirectInput and Xinput. Precise and responsive steering will allow you to win all your races.

The crankset has two pedals, brake and accelerator, and allows precise measurement when pressed. For added realism, this steering wheel is equipped with a vibration mechanism and a cruise mode that automatically maintains speed.

3. The best high-end: Logitech G923 + Shifter

The Logitech G923 is the latest from the Swiss manufacturer. Among the new features is a mechanism called True Force for an innovative driving experience.

Supposed to succeed the G29, this PC wheel has won its bet. To do this, Logitech has reworked the force feedback and progressive brake pedal performance to correct some bugs. Unlike the G29 which built on the success of the G27, the steel-driven G923 has a personality of its own and the improvements are significant.

The main novelty is TrueForce technology, which offers an unprecedented driving experience. The G923's force feedback system integrates real-time game physics. And game audio is supported to enhance tactile force feedback. The 900° steering angle and gear lever immerse you in every race. As usual, Logitech has wrapped its steering wheel in leather, which provides realism and comfort.

4. Great Pick: Logitech G29 Driving Force PC Steering Wheel

This Logitech G29 Driving Force PC steering wheel is a must-have for fans of Gran Turismo Sport. Compatible with PS5, PS4 and Mac, it is based on a force feedback of two motors.

This Logitech G29 Driving Force PC wheel is the guarantee of an immersive experience in any simulation type racing game. A realistic effect rightly attributed to the dual-motor Force Feedback function. It faithfully reproduces the characteristic vibrations of each turn and according to each type of terrain (mud, gravel, asphalt, etc.). The mechanism also uses helical drive gears to dampen noise.

With a resolutely modern design, this PC Driving Force G29 steering wheel is covered in hand-stitched leather. It also comes with a matching 3-pedal unit - a real treat for endless games solo or against an opponent. Gaming comfort will also be there, thanks to a 900° rotation (two and a half turns). Finally, note that this Logitech PC steering wheel is compatible with PS5, PS4 and Mac.

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