The best smart sneakers available

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Smart sneakers are one of the innovations on the rise. This is an extremely vast area that begs to be explored. New technologies that will soon be at the service of this innovative and unique concept. We have selected for you the 6 best smart shoes.

What is a smart shoe?

It is an innovative shoe that allows you to monitor your overall health. It accompanies you on a daily basis thanks to elaborate designs that give you a look as stylish as with classic sneakers. Major brands such as Nike have investigated this promising innovation that is attracting more and more consumers.

Smart shoes are designed with many built-in sensors. You can find an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a magnetometer, and even atmospheric pressure sensors. Each shoe has its specificities, but it is about controlling your health and your balance.

The best smart sneakers:

1.Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

Shoe giant Nike has had a huge success with its new smart shoe: the HyperAdapt 1.0. It is therefore a pair of shoes with a self-tying mechanism. They are futuristic shoes and adaptable to everyone. In fact, thanks to its customization, you can choose the type of cord and the type of support you prefer. You will need to charge the battery in your shoes before you can use this exclusive feature. You can, directly on the Nike website.

2. HOVR Phantom

The Under Armor brand designed the HOVR Phantom 2 to monitor your step count, running pace and physical condition. These shoes for men and women optimize your sports activity down to the smallest detail. Tracking available on the Map My Run app compatible with Android and IOS. An app that analyzes your stats and helps you improve your daily performance. This super smart and connected shoe features UA HOVR technology. It offers a "zero gravity" feel to maintain full energy return that helps eliminate the impact of your foot on the ground. It's designed to regulate your temperature thanks to its UA Reactor insulation. Beyond the Phantom 1 and 2, Under Armor offers athletic shoes with the same smart features: HOVR Machina , HOVR Infinite 3 and HOVR Sonic 4.

3. Digitsole Smartshoe

An elaborate sole that warms the foot so that you can work or play sports outdoors despite the low temperatures. The Digitsole sole designed by the homonymous company can be controlled from the proposed mobile application. In addition to this innovation already proposed at CES 2015 with the GlaGlaShoes, Digitsole has thought of a new connected shoe. The Digitsole Smartshoe adapts to your feet, warms them and is interactive. Absorb shock to provide maximum comfort is to improve the health of its owner. The app works on Bluetooth 4.0 and allows you to:

open/close shoe

count the number of steps taken

analyze walking speed

analyze foot pressure points

advise the user on an appropriate approach

detect sole wear

A somewhat heavy design that may displease some but that has already achieved great success on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

4.Altra Torin IQ

The Altra brand, a specialist in running shoes, offers several ranges of connected shoes, among which are the Torin IQ. Thanks to the IFit application available on IOS and Android, you have a personal trainer present at every moment of your run. Going for a run becomes, with Altra, a truly personalized workout that listens to your body. Thanks to the many sensors located on your two shoes, you will have personalized advice. Tips on your pace, your potential change of pace, as well as your body position. The data is constantly analyzed and transmitted to your smartphone to show you what you need to improve or continue. A coach that talks to you live when you run with headphones, earphones or EarPods.

5. Xiaomi MiJia

It is a very attractively priced fitness trainer offered by Xiaomi. A pair of ultra-design smart shoes that will go perfectly with both women and men. The shoes are sold with two sensors (one for each foot) that you have to turn on and connect to the dedicated Mi-Fit app on your smartphone. Once connected, the sensors are hidden under the foam sole where a specific place is allocated for them. Thus, the app can detect the right sensor -right foot- and the left sensor -left foot- to offer you a better follow-up. The autonomy of the sensors is a good week, which gives you time to do several fitness sessions analyzed by your sensors and your app. You can count your steps and control your pulse. It is therefore a smart shoe but it does not offer more intelligent features.

6. E-Vone

The Eram shoe, which won an award at CES 2019 in the "Technology for a Better World" category, offers innovation for seniors. In fact, this smart shoe designed in 2018 is equipped with a fall alert system. A proposed system for older people who may have problems with balance or autonomy. Family members of the elderly are often concerned that a fall can happen quickly. If the person becomes isolated and falls, an alert is sent directly to a loved one with their exact GPS position. In this way, the emergency services can be notified quickly and any drama can be avoided. It is a shoe that invites itself into the daily life of the elderly, to provide them with serenity and autonomy. A "serenity option" is available if the entourage cannot be reached. It is therefore a dedicated platform 7 days a week, 24 hours a day that will take into account the geolocated alert in order to prevent emergency services. This shoe is made up of a GPS, a GSM and several sensors such as an accelerometer and a gyroscope. An invisible device available for male or female models.

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