The best smart shirts

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Smart t-shirts are few and far between and are getting better every day. However, its usefulness for athletes is indisputable.

1. Hexoskin Pro Kit, the shirt that measures your performance

The Hexoskin brand is one of the leading smart clothing brands. Over time, he has made his innovations essential. The latest model offered: Hexoskin ProShirt is equipped with the Hexoskin Smart recording device. Like all the smart clothes of the brand, there is a model for men and another for women. The Pro version has more than 20 new features and improvements including, above all, a new design, cardiac (ECG), respiratory and activity sensors. So you can diligently monitor your activities and sleep. Monitoring your stress and monitoring your cardio-respiratory diseases are part of your well-being. Extensive clinical trials have been conducted on patients, police officers and athletes to optimize consideration of all this essential data.

The available kit contains a t-shirt, a recording device, a free account on the Hexoskin connected health platform. You will also have access to IOS and Android applications that will allow you to view your physiological data and activity monitoring in real time.

2. I-Thermic, the heat distribution shirt

Odlo has partnered with Clim8 thermal technology to offer the world's most advanced heat distribution shirt. All users of this smart shirt can control their microclimate without having to add extra clothing. Thus, for all athletes and sportsmen, winter will be as pleasant as a mild spring. This smart shirt is characterized by:

Self-regulating heating system

Intelligent waterproof battery system

Premium fabric for the best thermal comfort

Sensitive sensors are woven into the same material as this innovative shirt. You can control your garment through your smartphone, which adapts the appropriate heat level according to your activity.

3. Athos, the smart shirt that monitors your muscle development

Athos uses a patented system that measures the efforts made by your muscles at work. This technology works through EMG (electromyography). It is combined with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and a mobile application that will explain precisely how your body works. This way you will be able to know perfectly the use of your muscles to evolve in the sport and stay in good health without injuring yourself. Training more intelligently while respecting your goals, this is possible and this, thanks to Athos. On the site you can get the shirt and shorts made up of many sensors that also measure their biometrics. Assessing your performance while exercising couldn't be easier with this innovative and connected range. However, this smart shirt is only compatible with IOS devices.

4. QUS, a smart shirt to improve your performance

QUS offers smart clothing thanks to a complete and discreet sensor that will follow you everywhere. You will have the opportunity to control all your physiological data, improve your performance and avoid the risk of injury. Thanks to the QUS app and the on-board unit, enter your personal goals and follow your sports progress on a daily basis. You will be aware of your calories burned, your heart and respiratory rate as well as your vital data. You can also establish a map thanks to the integrated geolocation.

5. Ambiotex, the smart shirt that controls your stress

Ambiotex is one of those wearable 3.0 devices that gives you the ability to monitor your stress level, manage your workouts, and understand your own body. This shirt has built-in sensors and analyzes your:

Physical condition

vital parameters

stress level

You can also determine your anaerobic threshold: Your anaerobic threshold is the maximum intensity of exercise that can be sustained for a prolonged period before too much lactic acid builds up in your blood. The box connected to your jersey, TechUnit, collects all this data and collects it in the dedicated app available on IOS and Android.

6. Under Armor Infrared Energy Shirt

Under Armour, the famous American sportswear brand, has developed a range of smart clothing: Recover. The men's tank top, for example, incorporates minerals that absorb the energy you release and then reflect it back to your upper body muscles. This infrared reflection causes your muscles to tire less and recover faster. Therefore, this smart shirt saves you from too much pain and gives you long-lasting energy. Under Armor's design is well thought out thanks to soft, lightweight knit fabric and ribbed armholes with crafted ends. This fabric lined with minerals will allow you to improve your sports resistance and provide more energy to your bodybuilding.

7. Xiaomi, the future electrocardiogram-producing smart shirt

Xiaomi continues to achieve technical and technological feats. They have designed and put on the Chinese market a connected shirt capable of performing an electrocardiogram in 60 seconds. Mija Sport ECG-T allows you to closely monitor your cardiac activity. Xiaomi explained that this smart shirt offers "in-depth analysis of mental stress and physical fatigue, heart rate monitoring during exercise". You will need to get the Mi Home app to get an EKG. The sensor attached to the fabric of the shirt at chest level begins to vibrate when your heart rate exceeds normal.

8. Cutecircuit, the t-shirt that sends hugs and feels the music

Cutecircuit has developed ultra smart t-shirts that have nothing to do with the models presented above. In fact, the two proposed models, HugShirt and SoundShirt, have very specific defined characteristics. The first model allows you to send virtual hugs through the Hug Shirt app. The sensors present in the shirt allow you to reproduce the exact sensations of a hug even on the other side of the world. Soft, stretchy digital print fabric highlights the action and feel areas of the hug.

The second model, available only for pre-order at the moment, allows you to immerse yourself 100% in the musical universe. Thanks to the application and virtual reality you can feel the music from your smart shirt. First available for concerts etc, it is now available for sale to take full advantage of this unprecedented innovation. The so-called haptic sensations offer you the possibility of feeling music on your skin through pressure and vibration, thanks to sensors. A technological advance that will probably be useful for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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