The best scooters for children in 2022

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The scooter is one of the favorite toys of children. More practical than a bicycle, your child will have no problem taming it. Equipped with two, three or even 4 wheels, it was designed for both boys and girls.

Also, they come in all colors. To find the perfect model for your children, read our guide to the best scooters for children.

1. Best value for money: Micro Sprite Sapphire Blue

Scooter High quality and durability, smooth ride, easy folding mechanism, that's what this cute scooter offers you! It is ideal for a child from 5 years old and can support a weight of up to 100 kg.

The Micro Sprite is a lightweight yet high quality Swiss scooter. It is designed with sophisticated styling for smooth and precise performance. Solid and durable, the scooter above all offers a smooth ride. The largest polyurethane wheel (120mm) at the front and the smallest wheel (100mm) at the rear, precision in design and construction contribute to a smooth and agile ride for young and old.

This scooter doesn't actually have a suspension system, the smooth ride is down to several factors including quality materials, precision engineering, and waterproof construction. As a bonus, the Micro Sprite now has a version that comes with LED light up wheels.

2. Best Cheap: WeSkate Kids Scooter

Designed for kids ages 3-12, this WeSkate scooter is a great investment. Due to its design, its performance and its robustness, it is a gift that your child will appreciate.

This WeSkate children's scooter is a folding model. It can support a maximum load of 50 kg and is ideal for children from 3 to 12 years old. You can adjust the height of the handlebar in 3 levels: 68, 73 and 81 cm. This scooter is light, strong and built to last. It has 2 wheels with built-in LED lights that flash when the scooter is moving. The lights will be much more visible at night.

This kids' scooter features an aluminum handlebar with non-toxic sponge grips to fit little hands. It also has a 3-fold folding system, making it easy to store and ideal for travel. The combination of all its features gives your child a safe driving experience.

3. Best High-End: Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter

The Razor Kick Scooter provides a fun and easy ride that will last through multiple kids. Although it is not the smoothest scooter on the market, it is unbeatable in terms of quality and robustness!

The A5 Lux improves on the ride quality of Razor's classic kids' scooters by offering larger 8-inch urethane wheels that make rough-terrain racing a breeze. This lightweight scooter is for ages 8+ and has a 100kg weight capacity! And to be honest, you can borrow it from your kids and take it for a ride!

The much larger handlebar stem of the A5 Lux adjusts from 73 to 96cm. The A5, with its 17" (43cm) wide handlebar, is more comfortable and natural for older kids. It also produces smoother steering, as narrower handlebars are prone to jerking at small movements. Scooters in general are very easy to fold for compact storage, but the A5 has the added benefit of a kickstand for more organized vertical parking.

4. Better insurance: Globber Evo Comfort

The Globber Evo Comfort is the scooter that your child will need in his early years. He can convert it according to his wishes into a stroller, a walking bike and a scooter.

The Globber Evo Comfort has a plastic frame with a rubber seat cushion, strong shockproof polyurethane wheels and an aluminum T-handle. It's a 3-in-1 convertible model that can be configured as a stroller, walking bike, or traditional scooter. Everything will depend on your needs and the wishes of the child.

Security is always a priority for Globber designers. For beginners, the Evo Comfort steering lock button will prevent wheel spin, making learning easier. Once the child has mastered the scooter in a straight line, unlock the wheels and encourage them to try turning. Highlight the adjustable seat in 3 heights and the T-Bar handlebar adjustable in 4 positions.

5. Best Practical: Globber Primo Folding Scooter

Globber's Primo Foldable is an award-winning 3-wheel folding scooter for kids ages 3 and up with a patented easy-to-use and safe folding system. Its handlebar is adjustable according to the size of the user.

Globber's Primo Foldable folds up using Globber's patented push-button mechanism for quick and easy folding. With the push of a button, the scooter folds up for transport in cart mode and storage after playtime! It comes with Globber's two-tone anti-slip wide platform, as well as a sturdy, reinforced metal frame and an extra-large built-in rear brake, so kids can easily place both feet on the platform safely.

Additionally, the scooter is adjustable to 3 T-bar heights, allowing the product to be used by children ages 6 and up. Also available is a Globber patented steering lock/unlock button, which locks the front two wheel steering system so that the scooter only moves forward and backward, helping to teach children to balance on their own! this in no time! Once your child becomes a pro scooter, they'll be able to enjoy lighted rides as Globber's Primo Foldable Lights is a scooter with battery-free LED light-up wheels that flash red, green, and blue with LED lighting. integrated in the core of the wheels; The faster your child drives, the more the lights flash!

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