The best portable scanners in 2022

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Do you travel often as part of your job and regularly need to scan various documents? It doesn't matter, get a portable scanner.

Efficient, practical and with good image quality, the light and compact device will accompany you in your scanning work. Brother, Fujitsu or Canon, consult our comparison to learn more about the best portable scanners of the moment.

1. Best value for money: Brother DS-940DW

Versatile, the Brother DS-940DW can quickly scan many different types of documents. It comes with all the software needed for most scans. A simply great portable scanner.

The Brother DS-940DW is a hand-fed portable scanner designed for low-volume, one- or two-sided scanning tasks on the go. In addition to its accuracy, it is appreciated for the comprehensive software package that comes with it, its battery life and its wireless connectivity. In addition, it allows scanning to micro SD cards. You can operate the DS-940DW from your laptop, smartphone, or from the control panel, which consists of 3 buttons and corresponding status indicators.

The maximum optical resolution of 600 dpi remains within acceptable standards, with an interpolation of 1,200 dpi. Brother rates the daily duty cycle of its DS-940DW portable scanner at 100 scans. The Japanese manufacturer also rates the device's scanning speed at 16ppm for one-sided and two-sided scanning.

2. Best Cheap: IRISCan Mouse 2 Executive Portable

A compact and ultra-portable scanner mouse compatible with Mac and Windows, the IRISCan Mouse 2 lets you make quality scans with ease, up to A4 format.

Both mouse and scanner, IRISCan Mouse 2 Executive makes all scanning tasks of your business cards, newspaper pages and many other documents up to A4 format extremely easy. Compatible with Windows and MAC, this all-in-one mouse scanner offers you the opportunity to quickly and easily transform all your personal and professional documents into digital data. With 1200 dpi laser resolution as an optical mouse and 400 dpi as a handheld scanner, this device delivers quality scanning.

Equipped with a usb 2.0 interface, just plug it into your computer's usb port to get it working. To activate the scanner function, you just have to click on the scan button, located on the side of the mouse and drag it over the paper document. Even better, the IRISCan Mouse 2 Executive incorporates OCR technology, the best multilingual recognition software. This portable scanner eliminates language barriers by recognizing more than 130 languages. Once your document has been scanned, it can be translated directly into Google Translate.

3. Best High-End: Canon imageFORMULA P-215II

This is an ultra-compact, rugged and mobile model for fast, exceptional-quality scanning. It incorporates advanced technology that offers precise scanning.

If you need to scan documents wherever you go, this Canon portable scanner model will be the perfect choice. Compact and ultra-light, with a long-lasting battery unit, it's easy to transport. Benefiting from "plug-and-scan" functionality, you just have to connect it to your PC or Mac computer to get it working. The Canon imageFORMULA P-215II also features a high duplex scanning speed of 30 images per minute. It is even capable of processing up to 500 documents per day.

Incorporating a powerful software suite, this portable scanner efficiently transfers scanning to cloud applications. Even better, with a resolution of 600 dpi, combined with a wide range of image processing features with automatic color detection and text orientation recognition, it certainly ensures high-quality scanning. Canon's imageFORMULA P-215II offers the ultimate in wireless scanning flexibility, thanks to its WU10 Wi-Fi connectivity.

4. Alternative: CZUR Aura X Pro Foldable

A portable book and document scanner, CZUR Aura X Pro is very easy to use and transport as it is foldable. By integrating OCR, you ensure accurate transcription of all your documents.

Scanning books and documents is now easier with the CZUR Aura X Pro handheld scanner. It offers exceptional quality images thanks to its 14 MP lens, 32 LEDs and 2 side LED lights that offer 6 brightness levels and 4 color modes. . This device is capable of digitizing documents and bound books up to A3 format thanks to its Book Curve Flattening technology that flattens the curvature of the pages. It is compatible with Windows and IOS operating systems. The device easily connects to your computer via a USB cable.

Its performance is unmatched, especially knowing that it is equipped with an artificial intelligence algorithm. In fact, this portable and foldable scanner from CZUR can automatically optimize colors, combine all images into a single PDF, adjust contrast and color tone, or even retouch photos. It also has OCR software, which allows offline translation of documents in more than 186 languages, as well as conversion of images to various formats for editing later. It's the ideal portable scanner, especially since it's also compatible with the zoom app for sharing scans in real time during video conferences.

5. Reference: Canon P-208ii

The Canon P-208ii Portable Scanner is compact and weighs less than 600g. It can meet the scanning needs of both individuals and professionals. Its mobility and efficiency make it a remarkable office tool.

According to Canon, the P-208ii portable scanner can scan up to 8 ppm or 16 ipm (images per minute) duplex. Powerful, this model has an automatic document feeder that allows you to accommodate up to 10 sheets of A4 format. Its compatibility with Mac and Windows PCs ensures true ease of use. The P-208II scans a variety of A4 sized documents as well as irregular sized documents such as PDF relief maps, JPGs and more.

The scanner works with a USB 2.0 cable. You can directly receive the scanned data on an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone through the CaptureOnTouch Mobile app. This fast and efficient scanner saves you valuable time and delivers high-quality images by offering many image processing features, including automatic color detection, text orientation recognition, and image enhancement.

6. Most convenient: Epson Workforce ES-50

The Epson WorkForce ES-50 is a battery powered scrolling scanner. Fast, accurate, it's a smart choice despite a really simple design and fairly limited functionality. But it scans well, and that's the main thing!

The Epson ES-50 Workforce Portable Scanner is the fastest and lightest of all the scrolling scanners in this price range. You can scan a full page in just 5.5 seconds and 10 A4 pages in 1 minute on average. It may look small, but you can easily use it to scan very long pages. It can also be used to scan small documents such as ID cards and receipts and offers an excellent 600 dpi scan resolution. Just plug it into a USB port and it will work.

Workforce Epson ES-50 comes with Epson ScanSmart software that makes it easy to scan, review and save all your documents. Auto feed mode allows multiple page scans to be combined into a single file. It also has Nuance OCR, which supports creating editable Word, Excel, and PDF files. Also, at 600 dpi, OCR performance is excellent. In terms of power, no battery or external power supply is required.

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