The best mouse for gamers

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There are many reasons to choose a gaming mouse over a traditional mouse, especially if you play certain types of games. We invite you to find the best gaming mice in our comparison in search of the best value for money ranges. Here we have the 10 best mouse for gamers.

1. Razer Viper Ultimate

Let's start strong with a top-of-the-range model from the manufacturer Razer, which will speak both for its high technical characteristics and for its high price. However, keep in mind that the wireless version represents almost twice the price of the wired version, an exception when we know that the price differences between the two variants tend to be closer. Ultra fast, the mouse displays a resolution of 20,000 DPI and passes through an optical sensor so that every command is carried out with flawless timing. However, we can wonder about the usefulness of a maximum resolution, except for professional games and more. Also take into account construction and design qualities; that give it a formidable solidity and game appearance.


Very fast

Comfortable and quality construction

RGB effects

Aesthetics is good


A slightly incidental maximum resolution

The wireless variant is much more expensive.

2. SteelSeries Rival 710

In a more sober and accessible style, we find the SteelSeries 710, available in several aesthetic and control variants (wireless / wired). This MMO gaming mouse is particularly efficient, displaying extreme durability thanks to its 60 million clicks max. Expect vibrations similar to those of Playstation controllers, which you can configure to render as you wish. Its value for money is among the unbeatable, however we can regret a perfectible construction, such as a somewhat bulky design, or plastic on the sides.


Excellent value

Great durability

Immersive: RGB and vibrations

Lots of game info and statistics



Plastic on the sides

3. Logitech G903 Lightspeed

Let's continue down the path of accessibility with another well-known manufacturer: Logitech, which perpetuates the choice of a design inspired by traditional office mice, but displaying incredible ergonomics here. In addition to being easier to handle, it offers real comfort of use, for both left and right handed users. At this price, we clearly appreciate its impressive speed, well aided by the optical sensor, as well as the quality of the mechanical build, offering precision and intensity with every click.


Ergonomic and comfortable


Aesthetic and efficient design

For long wireless autonomy


The button location for setting the sensitivity.

Some weird wireless disconnects

4. Roccat Kone AIMO

It is less known than the previous manufacturers, Roccat has not finished talking about it, focusing mainly on the typical codes of the game world. Hence, we found a bulky mouse with a curved design, offering a generous grip. On the aesthetic side, the dual RGB LED lighting and the brand logo give it great appeal. Performance is not forgotten either: multiple ExpressKeys in well thought out locations, a 4D wheel, and a maximum speed of 16,000 DPI, more than enough. Its German build quality combined with its affordable price makes it one of the most popular models. The only downside: RGB promises are relatively poorly kept, with RGB programmable only in modes and colors.


Great value for the price

Strong and ergonomic

4D wheel

Aesthetic type "game"


Small RGB customization

5. SteelSeries Rival 3

We return to the SteelSeries, which this time plans to conquer us in the fields of simplicity and accessibility, by revealing nothing less than the cheapest gaming mouse in the comparison. Available in several variations, it displays the essentials: basic RGB lighting, a DPI range of 1 to 7200, and 6 ExpressKeys for gaming. If the model does not advance in aesthetic prowess, its build quality is on the other hand remarkable, showing a maximum of 30 million clicks, and implementing good ergonomics for right- and left-handed users. Thus, we can understand its popularity with consumers, although some note a coating that has too much of a tendency to retain dirt, especially on plastic, while others would have preferred a slightly bulkier mouse.


Hyper accessible price

6 shortcut keys

RGB backlight

Strong and durable construction



Basic aesthetics

The coating gets dirty easily

6. Razer Mamba Wireless

If Razer surprised us the first time with an expensive wireless variant, the manufacturer unveils here a model with a much more attractive price-performance ratio. The wireless is a success, both in terms of the maximum autonomy of 50 hours and latency. The precision and speed of the model underline once again the seriousness of the manufacturer, the maximum sensitivity of 16,000 DPI associated with the optical sensor displays dazzling performance. Finally, let's appreciate the 7 configurable ExpressKeys. Something but it would be that the model is too small for bulky hands and that its price, although more attractive than the top 1, is still higher than the competition at this level of the range.


Autonomy 50h

Accurate and fast

7 shortcut keys

Aesthetic and durable design


Not very suitable for large hands.

The price of wireless technology is still high compared to the competition

7. Razer Naga Trinity MMO

Still in the same price range, Razer offers us here a wired version, the Naga Trinity, particularly suitable for MOBA and MMO. This is immediately noticeable in the number of ExpressKeys: thus, 19 programmable buttons are offered, via a side keyboard and a wheel, as well as center keys. Also note that there are several boards available for purchase, in order to tailor your mouse to a particular game, such as Leagues of Legends or World of Warcraft. Take into account an ergonomic and comfortable design, but reserved for right-handed people. The in-depth configurable RGB effects allow for excellent customization. Anyway, consider that you will surely have to help you with tutorials, since the Synapse 3 software is, according to users, less easy to use than its predecessor.


19 ExpressKeys with interchangeable ear pads

Flawless finishes

Ergonomics and comfort

Many customization options


A little small for big hands

Synapse 3 software is not very intuitive

8. Logitech G502 Hero

After the MMO and the MOBA, although Logitech innovates in gaming aesthetics, it is the typical style of gaming mice. And it must be said that it does it well, both for aesthetics and ergonomics, the grip is excellent and comfortable, even for long hours of gaming sessions. A DPI range of 1 to 16,000, which is more than enough outside of professionals, and it takes advantage of an advanced optical sensor, ensuring incredible precision. However, some users find that both the design and placement of the ExpressKeys are ultimately up to their hands. Also, if your fingers are big or you have big hands, the model will not be the most suitable depending on how you hold the mouse. We can also regret a slightly pronounced weight. This last point will depend on your gaming habits knowing that you can incorporate additional weights (5 x 3.6g) to move your mouse from 121 to 139 grams.


Good value for money

Good speed and precision.

Many customization options

Durable construction


Less suitable in the palm for large hands

Relatively pronounced weight

9. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

If SteelSeries has previously advanced in the field of accessibility, it is also Logitech's choice with the G402, whose design is halfway between the standard desktop mouse and its gaming equivalent. It is intended, in this price range, to be particularly complete, offering an RGB display as well as 8 ExpressKeys relatively well thought out in their location. The durability of the model, finally, is only compared with its comfort of use. However, the problem is when it comes to DPI, the range of which is restricted to 250-4000 dpi. Some users also point out that improvements could be made to make the build more solid, with a little more weight or a higher quality wheel.


Excellent value

Aesthetic and solid design

8 shortcut buttons

Ergonomic and comfortable


A little "cheap" dial

Low peak sensitivity

10. Razer DeathAdder V2

If we know Razer for its high prices, keep in mind that you are also invited here in the field of accessibility with its second version of the DeathAdder. A priori, its aesthetic is classic, the sporty look of a traditional office mouse, with the exception of the RGB lighting which, it must be admitted, is a success. But it is in use that the model reveals all its prowess: its optical sensor and its maximum sensitivity of 20,000 DPI make it one of the most accurate and fast mice in this price range. Above all, we appreciate Razer's high quality standards, who prefer to play the simplicity card in certain areas (such as aesthetics) to enhance their build quality. In this way, the model shows a resistance of up to 70,000 million clicks, a better ratio than some more expensive models. However, some users recommend, with respect to the Grip, to opt for the "Palm Grip".


Unbeatable value for money

Speed and precision

Excellent build quality and great durability.

8 ExpressKeys


Ergonomics depends on the Grip

Not very intuitive software

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