The best hands-free car kits 2021

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Using the phone while driving is illegal, unless you have a hands-free car kit. In fact, this device allows you to drive while making or receiving calls. There are models to plug into the cigarette lighter socket or completely autonomous. Here is a guide to find the best ones.

Best value for money: Avantree CK11

With exceptional sound reproduction, studied functions and high autonomy, the Avantree CK11 becomes obvious for motorists looking for a hands-free kit that is both simple and intuitive.

The Avantree CK11 is the ideal solution if you make or receive calls from your car. With its powerful internal 2W speaker with background noise and echo reduction, as well as the highly sensitive omni-directional microphone, this hands-free car kit allows you to converse clearly, wherever you are. Please note that this multimedia accessory will facilitate access to the Google Assistant or Siri.

Although this device is not the only one that is equipped with the automatic on or off function, its system is among the most sophisticated. Expect to be amazed by this mid-range headset. So to speak, Avantree has done everything possible to ensure that you can fully concentrate on the road.

Best cheap: Aigoss T826

Allowing you to drive in complete safety, that is the purpose of this very smart hands-free kit. Don't be fooled by its price, this feature-rich accessory rivals high-end models.

The Aigoss T826 captivates above all by its design. Of the 4 hands-free car kits offered in this comparison, this one undoubtedly offers the most innovative aesthetics. It has a rear magnetic clip that allows you to attach it to your car's sun visor. This accessory has been designed so that the driver can fully concentrate on driving. In fact, all they need to do is press a button to take, end, or reject a call.

Note that this same button allows you to redial the last incoming call, but also to play, pause, or scroll through your music playlist. To activate the voice assistant of Google Assistant or Siri, you need to press the M button twice in succession. Of course, the Aigoss T826 can support 2 phones at the same time.

Best high-end: Veopulse B-Pro 2B

Although it is starting to date, the Veopulse B-Pro 2B still manages to compete with the best hands-free kits today. This kit is still in good years and will not fail to meet your expectations.

Compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones, this hands-free kit has vibration sensors that allow it to turn on when you enter your car and turn off when you leave it. Thanks to this feature, you no longer need to turn it on or off, promising to save precious time for those in a hurry. Voice commands allow you to make calls, send text messages, and even launch applications without having to touch your smartphone.

The 2 HiFi 3W speakers of the Veopulse B-Pro 2B will allow you to comfortably follow the instructions announced by the GPS of your phone. As it is possible to connect two kits in this device, the person who accompanies it will also be able to benefit from its many advantages.

Entry-level alternative: AGPTEK T826-EU

The AGPTEK T826-EU has been designed to provide a quality phone and music experience while driving. This hands-free car kit enables safe communication on the road.

The AGPTEK T826-EU is designed in the same way as the excellent Aigoss T826. However, this is not a pale copy. This affordable hands-free car kit supports hands-free calling, GPS, music, Google and Siri assistants, as well as automatic shutdown, among other things. To do this, simply press the central button of the accessory once or twice.

Intuitive and easy to use, this hands-free car kit has a powerful 3W speaker that delivers perfectly audible audio quality during calls, if not exceptional when listening to music. AGPTEK T826-EU is recommended especially for communication. And there is nothing to complain about there, except that it does its job.

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