The best electric scooters with big tires in 2021

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In addition to public transport, motorcycles and bicycles, the electric scooter with large tires is an interesting alternative for traveling around the city. Obviously, you will have to choose the right model. For that, we put together a guide to the best electric scooters with big tires.

1. Best Price: Gunai 11 "Big Tire Electric Scooter

The Gunai electric scooter is equipped with a double motor with a power of 5,600 W. With a speed of 85 km / h, it adapts to any road.

The Gunai brand has created a 60 V 32 Ah scooter so that you can easily reach 85 km / h. The power of the latter being equal to 5,600 W is ideal to easily cross slopes and have a faster acceleration than other similar models. Added to all this, the 11 "tires offer significantly above-average grip.

The large 11 "tires are a great advantage. Combined with the hydraulic shock absorbers, you will have greater driving comfort as shocks will be better absorbed. Also, in terms of maintenance, the large tires are easier to wash and repair.

2. Best Inexpensive: Hitway 12 "Big Tire Electric Scooter

This Hitway-developed electric big-tire scooter has it all. It has a battery built into its frame designed for your convenience.

The Hitway brand has thought of everything when designing this electric scooter with large tires. Its built-in battery charges in just a few hours. It allows you to travel long distances with its 7.5 Ah. Its 250 W 60 V motor will guarantee you great power to inspect all types of terrain.

In addition to its aviation aluminum design, the 12 "wheels will provide even more handling. Plus, this vehicle's fenders will keep it splash-proof if you ever drive on rough terrain, muddy trails, or rainy.

3. Best high-end: Dualtron X-II 13 "off-road electric scooter

From a Korean brand, this electric scooter pushes the limits in terms of power. With its double brushless motor capable of deploying more than 8,300 W.

The Dualtron signature electric scooter has over 20% more power than most of its counterparts. In fact, with its 8,300 W, this electric scooter can propel you up to 110 km / h on private roads. So much power needs an equally powerful braking system to keep you safe.

On this scooter, the 13 "tires will serve as protection for the scooter when folded in on itself. The ultra-wide 13" tubeless tires provide stability and safety on any trail.

4. Best alternative: Ecoxtrem 4 x 4 off-road electric scooter with big tires

The Ecoxtrem electric scooter is a benchmark in terms of technical innovation. It has a quite unique and ergonomic design. It has large 4 x 4 wheels.

For its power, its lightness and its autonomy, this scooter signed Ecoxtrem will please you. It is quite powerful when developing a power of about 3000 W, hence its name Centauro. It will allow you to climb steep slopes or dirt roads. In fact, power is a challenge that the brand takes seriously. The tires have been designed to increase the off-road capability of this scooter.

The huge wheels allow for greater stability. Not to mention its ability to absorb impacts. They are more adherent so you can ride on more or less slippery trails with complete peace of mind. Since the tires are empty, they are more resistant.

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