The best electric scooters for overweight people

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Faced with the growing demand for electric scooters, manufacturers are forced to innovate and offer models that can satisfy all types of people. The time for customization has come, we are looking for a model that suits us, both for its characteristics and its appearance.

Looking for a two-wheeled adult scooter that is suitable for overweight people? In the rest of this article, we introduce you to the best electric scooters that can withstand a 150kg load.

1. Electric Scooter 150 kg Barooder 3 Pro

Brand: Wegoboard

Supported load: 150 kg

Motor: 48 V, 20 Ah, 600-1000 W

Range: 70 km

Maximum speed: 50 km / h


Front and rear LED lights

Climbing slopes up to 30 °

2. Kugoo M4: electric scooter model that supports 150 kg

Supported load: 150 kg

Motor: 500W

Battery: 48V 11 Ah

Range: 45 km

Speed: 43 km / h

Weight: 23.6Kg

Main Material: Aluminum

10 inch non-slip tire


3. The best: Scooter Gunai 3200W for 150 kg

Supported load: 150 kg

Motor: 3200 W

Battery: 60 V, 24 Ah

Range: 25 km

Speed: up to 85 km / h

Adjustable seat

Foldable scooter and simple folding mechanism.

11 "crossover tires (front and rear wheel)

Excellent grip even in rainy weather

This 150 kg electric scooter model is undoubtedly the most reliable of all. Its 3200W power makes this machine simply amazing and perfectly suitable for long use (25km), while maintaining high performance.

To function properly with a 150kg load, electric scooters must first have adequate power. In fact, this is one of the first criteria to follow so as not to be disappointed with your new motorized friend.

In fact, a scooter with a high-powered motor will allow you to have better acceleration and will significantly limit the loss of speed due to the weight exerted on the vehicle.

Therefore, we recommend that you choose a scooter with a minimum of 1000 watts, although obviously it is preferable to opt for a 3000W electric scooter model, certainly more expensive but also much more efficient and much more pleasant to drive.


- Its braking capacity: the models are usually heavy, their brakes must be powerful and of quality to be able to drive safely. For this reason, we recommend models with disc brakes (safety level, we recommend wearing a helmet and respecting the highway code).

- The presence of a Lithium battery (much more qualitative than a lead-acid battery), which will undoubtedly offer you more performance.

- Good shock absorption and a wheel size of at least 10 inches.

Then come the maneuverability of the machine, the possibility of adjusting the handlebars, the ease of the folding system, the ability to control speeds, an aluminum alloy, not to mention the loading time to reach maximum weight, and other gadgets that will make your ideal means of transport for your weight!

No electric mode of transport is perfect, but the one that seems most suitable for a load of 150 kilos is still in our opinion the Gunai 3200W.

Be careful, it is not uncommon to see this type of electrically assisted scooters exhausted. Make sure the model you want is available and take the opportunity when this is the case!

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