The best cheap drones: comparison 2021

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Between the moment the drone flew over our screens through science fiction movies and the moment it landed in our homes, just a few years have passed. The profession of a pilot is not accessible to everyone, the drone has the merit of awakening the child in us to pilot a motorized flying object.

Do you dream of indulging yourself with a drone, but your budget is limited? Here's our guide to the best cheap drones.

1. The best for less than 100 usd: Sanrock U61W

Excellent gift idea for a little aspiring aviator, this drone should introduce you to piloting. It offers a number of features worthy of a high-end drone.

This mini drone has simple and basic controls to familiarize the user with the controls. The main functions are boot, landing and headless mode. The Sanrock U61W has 4 propellers wrapped in protective frames for greater safety of use. The 720P HD camera has a wide angle lens to encompass the entire surrounding landscape. The altitude hold mode makes it easy to control the camera and allows you to take clear, sharp images.

Capable of operating over WiFi, the Sanrock U61W offers camera photo taking that can be controlled via an iOS or Android app. The mini drone is sold with 2 removable batteries that add up to a flight time of 14 min. The alarm is activated when the signal weakens, that is, in case of low battery of the drone out of control. Less than 100 usd, hard to find better.

2. The best for less than 200 usd: Hubsan H501s

The Hubsan H501s features a headless mode for better control and more stable flight. This inexpensive drone is suitable for ages 14 and up, but also for an expert. The difference will lie in the handling of the different commands.

With its unbrushed electric motor, the Hubsan H501s can achieve a flight speed of 20 m / s. The motor and battery also guarantee a longer flight with a range of up to 20 min. Thanks to the security mode and GPS, this inexpensive drone can automatically return and land at the starting point in case of loss of connection with the transmitter.

Note the 1080p HD camera mounted on the device. It can transmit very clear images in real time. Capture of images and videos is also facilitated by GPS and Follow Me mode to follow the subject followed step by step or in Orbit mode. Also thanks to GPS, you can set the drone at a certain altitude to get more accurate shots.

3. The best for less than 400 usd: DJI Mavic Mini Combo

Its light weight and maneuverability make the DJI Mavic Combo a very practical drone. We especially like it for its radius of action that reaches up to 2 km and its different shooting modes. In addition, this model has an autonomy of 30 min.

The DJI Mavic Mini Combo has a remote control that provides an HD video link within a 2km radius. The 3-axis motorized dial promises quality aerial images, backed by the 12MP camera, capable of providing 2.7K Quad HD videos. Video streaming can also be done on your smartphone. The DJI Fly app will provide you with the tutorial to learn how to fly and create your video footage.

The Mavic Mini Combo is also distinguished by a long autonomy, since a full charge will provide 30 min of flight. To optimize shots, this inexpensive drone uses different modes, including Quickshots, which allow cinematic shots with just a few clicks. CineSmooth mode slows down drone movements for smooth and stable shots. Please note that the use of this drone requires a micro SD memory card.

4. The best for less than 500 usd: DJI Mavic Mini 2

4K camera with 3-axis stabilizer, 12 Mpx photographic module, 31 min of battery life, real-time video transmission through OcuSync 2.0 HD or even QuickShots system.

Like the DJI Mavic Mini, the Mavic Mini 2 weighs 249g, or as much as an apple. This ultra-compact drone will change the way you capture subjects for your photos and videos. Agile, the machine has a 12 Mpx photosensor. And for video, enjoy the 4K 30fps camera with 3-axis motorized gimbal.

This drone has a range of 10 km thanks to Ocusync 2.0. Beyond this distance, HD video transmission is no longer possible or will be subject to interference. In addition, the DJI Mavic Mini 2 can withstand level 5 winds, reach an altitude of 4000m and fly for 31 min. The Quickshots feature allows you to record or record professional quality video with just a few clicks.

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