The best brushes for straightening hair

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One of the best tools of the modern woman: the straightening brush. This device allows you to brush and straighten your hair in just a few minutes. We often struggle to find the straightening brush that really suits us. To find the straightening brush that best suits your needs, we leave you a comparative guide.

1. Best value for money: Saint Algue Demeliss Pro

If you are looking for a brush that straightens your hair and maintains its natural appearance, Saint Algue is for you. It perfectly combines these two criteria: very efficient and much more practical. This straightening brush will suit your needs, even if you are a beginner to brushing.

The Saint Algue Demeliss Pro has an LCD screen. Its adjustable temperature from 160 to 210 degrees Celsius offers a rapid increase in the heat of the device. With its ionic function against static electricity, there is no risk of hair falling out all over the place or puffing up. The Saint Algue Demeliss Pro has an elegant and original champagne color. Its included premium velvet storage bag allows you to keep it safe without risk of damage. As for the swivel cord, it allows the machine to be easily transportable, it is also a very practical aspect during use.

Additionally, 40 detangling pins and 66 heated ceramic pins are offered with this product. This to get you a hairstyle on top quickly. The Saint Algue Demeliss Pro straightening brush is well recognized by professionals and enjoys numerous confirmed accolades.

2. Economical: Philips StyleCare

The Philips straightening brush. It is a very popular model because it offers a multitude of advantages. With its tourmaline ceramic coating, ThermoProtect technology, and ultra-wide brushing area, it's impressive.

The Philips StyleCare straightening brush highlights speed and efficiency. It will allow you to discipline your hair in just 5 minutes. This is due to the fact that it has a very large brushing area. So you can brush a large part of your hair in one go. It also has two temperature settings. These allow StyleCare to be available for a variety of hair types.

Safety is not an issue when it comes to StyleCare, it is equipped with ThermoProtect technology. It is a technology that protects the user from being the victim of a burn or an accident caused by inattention or accident. In addition, the tourmaline ceramic coating, a very popular material and a very resistant coating, ensures the durability of the brush. Finally, the 1.8m swivel cord offers great maneuverability, allowing you great freedom of movement.

3. Best high-end: GHD Glide

The Glide brush is the first professional brush from the GHD brand. With optimal temperature, two pin sizes, ceramic and ionic technology, and a durable result, the GHD Glide is one of a kind.

The GHD Glide has a fairly straightforward design, its length reaches 33cm with an oval head to capture all the hair. Guaranteed comfort, since the size of the device allows it to be held in total comfort. The double size of the hairpins ensures a good grip on each hair shaft. As for the ceramic and ionic technology, it guarantees a brushing without frizz.

The GHD Glide provides an optimal temperature of 185 ° C, a perfect temperature to obtain an impressive quality result, without exposing the hair to possible degradation. The brush is also equipped with a very long 2.7m swivel cord that allows you great freedom of movement. For added security, the GHD Glide has a standby mode that activates automatically after one hour of inactivity.

4. Very good straightening brush: Tymo Ring straightening brush

Save more than half of your time by straightening your hair with the Tymo Ring Straightening Brush instead of further straightening it with a straightening iron.

Tymo Ring is an excellent quality straightening brush. It adapts to all types of hair. Very efficient, this Tymo Ring brush is more practical than a straightening plate and saves a lot of time. So you can easily get rid of split ends and frizz. This device uses proprietary TYMO technology. This distributes a homogeneous heat and offers a very good quality result.

The Tymo Ring straightening brush is the result of a combination of a comb and an iron. Not only does it soften and detangle hair, it also saves considerable time. This device has a protective plate, an automatic standby mode and an anti-burn cover to allow you to optimize your safety. In addition to that, this anti-limescale straightening brush is presented in a compact format to accompany you on all your trips.

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