The best 125 cc motorcycles scooters comparison 2021

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Tired of wasting hours in traffic jams and always being late for work or an appointment? Time to ride on two wheels. Why not a 125cc scooter? Yamaha, Honda or Peugeot, with injection or carburetor, if you are tempted by the fact of being able to drive without incident, this guide is made for you.

1. Best value for money: Kymco People S

Light, manoeuvrable and stable, these big Kymco People S wheels will be your unwavering ally in the city, but they can also ride on country roads. Agile scooter, it has several protection accessories for your safety.

With its original design that has nothing to envy of others of the same type, the People S has received a little facelift: new optics, black wheels, top case and many more. It is equipped with a high saddle to allow a comfortable seat. With its power of 11 hp at 8,500 rpm, this Kymco scooter has no difficulty accelerating.

On the ergonomic side, this scooter has a digital dashboard that clearly displays all the data, as well as a counter dedicated to the Noodoe system. With its GT-worthy equipment and attractive price, the People S is among the best big-wheeled scooters around.

2. Best cheap: Sym Fiddle IV

This small inhabitant of the city of Sym will delight women in search of power and comfort in urban areas. Fiddle IV sports a vintage look without skimping on modern and efficient equipment.

Far from being mundane, the Sym Fiddle IV has a style of its own. Retro, chic and powerful, with rounded lines, these are the most striking features of this urban scooter. Although it is small, it has all the technological advantages, such as the digital dial that shows useful information, the warning button, the contactor with anti-theft system, the USB socket.

This scooter has an 11.7 hp Euro5 liquid engine that runs at 8,500 rpm. Quite slow to start up, reaching cruising speed in no time and reaching 80 km / h easily to overtake in the fast lane. Its ABS braking system offers precise and safe braking, and the hydraulic forks react well to provide comfort on the road.

3. Best high-end: Yamaha X Max Tech Max

It is powerful. The Yamaha Tech Max is a variation of the X Max with some improvements. Clean line, futuristic design, this is the ideal scooter for those looking for true raw power.

This new version of the X max 125 is a true technological gem. As for the appearance, nothing surprising, it is still as sporty as ever. The change was made in terms of equipment and engine. The Tech Max is equipped with a 124 cc Euro5 liquid-cooled injection Blue Core engine with a power output of 10.5 kW at 8750 rpm.

It has also been lengthened at the wheelbase with 140mm ground clearance for better handling. It is distinguished by its high-end finish: Smart Key function, "frost silver" fork, two-seater leather saddle, Gilles Tooling grips. The telescopic fork ensures comfort and stability.

4. A very good choice: Kymco X-Town City 125

If there is a powerful and elegant motorcycle scooter, it is in the X-Town City. Kymco has equipped it with a flat floor for the comfort of the feet. It is the ideal two-wheeler for city races, but also for country rides.

In terms of motorization, the Kymco CT125 has not undergone any changes compared to its predecessor. On the other hand, you always have to be one of the fastest GT scooters on the market. As for the appearance, the complete Led signature does not go unnoticed. Its frame has been revised to allow easier access combined with its 765mm seat height.

The powerful 125cc Euro4 engine is still relevant today, with a maximum output of 15hp at 9000rpm liquid-cooled. Which makes it a powerful scooter on roads and a good companion on rough terrain. It is also equipped with a USB socket, a spacious boot, a comfortable two-seater saddle.

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