Tag Heuer introduces a new smartwatch model for golfers

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The famous Swiss brand Tag Heuer, which belongs to the LVMH group, continues to bet on smart watches. His latest model could attract golfers.

Can the Swiss company, which made the heyday of mechanical watches, jump on the modernity bandwagon and influence the smartwatch market? This is the challenge that the Tag Heuer brand has taken up with some brilliance in recent years. Its latest model illustrates this perfectly and is aimed at a very specific category, that of golfers.

A smart watch for golfers

This new model is a special edition of the Connected Watch, your connected watch. Its goal is clearly to allow golfers to interact directly with Tag Heuer's application dedicated to this sport. In 2019, the company created this one to accompany the first edition of its smartwatch model. The new version goes a bit further with features that should appeal to golf fans.

The Connected Watch with the dedicated app offers 3D maps, distance evaluation, shot tracking, scorecards, professional statistics or even tips to improve your game throughout the game, indicating in particular the area where it is best to aim. . Frédéric Arnault, now Tag Heuer's digital manager, speaks of it as a "performance-oriented model that offers digital experiences not only for golf, but also for other sports and many daily activities." The elegance and style of the watch, with a 45mm titanium case, naturally go hand in hand.

Soon a new boss at Tag Heuer

On July 1, Frédéric Arnault will take over from Stéphane Bianchi at the helm of Tag Heuer. The 25-year-old boss has already announced that he intends to modernize the brand and invest massively in the smartwatch sector to win over new customers. He had already been in charge of the construction of the Tag Heuer Connected.

The connected watches will be one of the pillars of the brand. These products constitute a gateway to watchmaking for many customers who will later be able to buy mechanical watches. They are complementary offers that do not directly compete. His predecessor will assume the direction of the Watches and Jewelry division of the LVMH group.

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