Sony works on high-end headphones with amazing design

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Sony is developing the LinkBuds WF-L900, a new true wireless earphone with an original design. Very different from its previous in-ear models in its WF range, these ANC-enabled headphones have been designed to be less intrusive.

The wireless headphone market is booming. In the second quarter of 2021, 58 million units were sold worldwide. After Sony's excellent WF-1000XM4, which have now become a benchmark in the market, we expected the firm to announce the WF-1000XM5. But no, according to a leak on the TechInsider Twitter account, the brand is working on a completely new model: the LinkBuds WF-L900. Breaking away from its previous models that had nonetheless appealed to audiophiles, Sony offers a less intrusive model designed for those who don't like inserting an object into their ear canal.

an amazing design

It's no secret that Apple AirPods have long dominated the wireless headphone market and it's one of the reasons why the brand's competitors have always tried to emulate Apple's iconic AirPods design. Sony's new WF-L900 model is a complete exception to the rule. So much so that no one saw it coming. This mysterious model has never even been seen in the catalog of the Japanese firm.

The LinkBuds WF-L900 are shaped like two interlocking circles, one of which is perforated in the center and looks like a doughnut. The donut-shaped part feels like it rests against your ear canal and the silicone tip holds it in place. Equipped with active noise reduction (ANC) technology, the "feed-forward" and "feed-back" type microphones would be located outside and inside the headphones. But how the ANC works remains a mystery: how effective will it be given the model's 'open fit' design, which would let outside sound through? Hard to say at this point.

Where is the touch surface that would control the headphones? Each LinkBud will be equipped with a proximity sensor. This feature, found on many other wireless headphone models today, stops the music when the user removes the headphones from their ears.

WF-L900 Colors and Cases

Other technical characteristics have not been revealed at the moment. However, the images show that two different colors will be offered for the LinkBuds: black and white in a matte and speckled finish. The charging case, which seems sober and compact, is not surprising. In the images we can see a button on the front of it that should certainly be able to open it. To date, Sony has not announced any release date. In any case, we expect this new top model to be as efficient as the WF-1000XM4.

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