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Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

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The year 2020 marks the arrival on the market of the first folding smartphones. Most exhibit a high price that exceeds a good part of the classic high-end models. But is it worth paying for this product? We also asked ourselves the question about Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold.

While most smartphones on the market tend to erase the edges of the screen, the Z Flip doesn't erase them so it can be folded. The useful aluminum hinge for this function divides it horizontally and reveals the Samsung logo once the phone is closed. When unfolded, the Z Flip outstrips most of its cousins. In fact, when the others have a screen ratio of around 19:9, he reaches 22:9. This extra length can be a bit confusing for little hands.

Its front lens does not appear in the center of a notch, but in a punch at the top of the screen that does not interfere with use. We note the absence of a connector, this is becoming more and more rare on Android. As for the two main photosensors, they are located at the rear of the upper part of the smartphone.

The effective screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The thin layer of plastic on the top hides the glass that makes it up. Rare thing for a folding model, the others mostly have a plastic screen. The Z Flip's display is therefore more durable than its competitors. The image behind these materials appears in good quality with Full HD + resolution (2560 × 1080 pixels). Note, however, that Samsung offers smartphones in the same range with Quad HD+ as the Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, the difference between the two resolutions is still negligible for most uses. Regarding reflections, this screen is not very sensitive to them with a light reflection rate of less than 50%, which allows it to remain readable in the sun. Finally, the crease in the center is not very visible and is easily forgotten by the eye, the touch, on the other hand, remembers its existence when scrolling in an application.

High-end performance for the Galaxy Z Flip

For this part, the determining component is the processor. The Korean firm has equipped this smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+. This is a high-end chip from 2019 which, backed by the smartphone's 8GB of RAM, allows the Z Flip to deliver very good performance. This one stands out especially in video games and will have no difficulty with the vast majority. On the other hand, the battery can suffer if usage throws the device into full throttle. In fact, the Z Flip has two of 2370 mAh and 930 mAh respectively which is a bit limited. This is also explained by the limited space that a folding smartphone brings. Its storage capacity is 256 GB of which 223.3 GB are usable.

You may have noticed that the features given here are for the first version of the Galaxy Z Flip which is limited to 4G. In August 2020, Samsung markets its 5G version with a starting price of $1,600. What's new ? Well, a new high-end processor arrives: the Snapdragon 865+ launched in 2020. This addition improves the already convincing performance of this Samsung 5G smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5G

The photographic quality of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Equipping the smartphone for this function remains simple. In fact, it sports two 12-megapixel sensors each. The former has a wide angle lens while the latter has an ultra wide angle lens. With the main module, the performance is quite good with flattering rendering in warmer color than other smartphones. A matter of taste, to some it may seem unnatural. Once night falls, the Galaxy Z Flip does just fine. As for the ultra wide angle, it is not among the best on the market but it is still effective. On the other hand, night photos are not the strong point of this sensor. This duo of course benefits from optical stabilization like most high-end Samsungs. Finally, the 10-megapixel front lens offers a decent result for selfies.

Single shot mode and video capture

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip shares the Single Take functionality with other models of the brand. The principle is simple: the AI extracts several images and short excerpts from a 10-second sequence. Therefore, this mode offers the most interesting things in this video in different ways and with creative options. As for video capture, it is done in UHD (3840 x 2160) and at 60fps.

What brings the folding aspect of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

The hinge that allows the phone to fold has a fairly pronounced resistance. Thanks to this, it can be semi-open at different angles according to uses. On the other hand, the Z Flip is not easy to open with one hand and requires two movements and a bit of practice. Closed, the 6.7-inch screen gives way to a square twice as small. This format makes the smartphone very practical, since it fits in most pockets. In the front of the jeans. In this configuration, the screen at the top comes into play. This shows the time, the date, the battery, but also the notifications or the reduced display of Spotify. It also allows you to answer a call without unfolding the Z Flip or even serving as a backup camera.

Once folded, the smartphone's smooth back makes it particularly slippery on a non-flat surface. Let's also add that it is not waterproof due to its hinge like other folding models. So be careful.

Galaxy Z Flip: the features of Flex mode

Camera and Google Duo app – The bottom shows options and serves as a kickstand, while the top shows camera feedback. Convenient for taking a hands-free selfie, for example. Therefore, it is possible to adjust the photo settings while keeping the same shot. In addition, it is possible to take a photo with voice control or palm detection.

Multitasking: This option common to Android smartphones is gaining interest with the Z Flip. In fact, once the phone is folded in half and laid flat, using two apps at the same time becomes more comfortable. Imagine, for example, instant messaging on the flat bottom screen while playing a video on the top screen, which is slightly tilted.

YouTube : The operation is similar with the content at the top and the rest of the interface at the bottom.

More broadly, this bottom part that turns into a kickstand allows you to use the phone without having your other hand occupied. However, this functionality is not yet widespread, as currently few applications are adapted. We will have to wait to appreciate its full potential.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip worth it?

Along with Motorola, Samsung is the only company to offer a smartphone that folds vertically. In comparison, the Razr from the American firm offers mid-range performance and a screen that is more sensitive to reflections. At the moment, the features of the Z Flip are not exceptional, but they are still very promising. Its design does not go unnoticed and its folding aspect makes it an object of curiosity both for its aesthetics and for the new uses it provides. In conclusion, the Z Flip is not the best high-end smartphone, but it continues to be successful in integrating technology in a field of possibilities that are still unknown.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip waterproof?

First limit of the folding concept, this smartphone does not have protection against water. On the other hand, the Korean firm has integrated one for dust that prevents its presence in the hinge that could interfere with the mechanism.

How many times can the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip be folded?

Its designers announce a durability of 200,000 opening-closing cycles thanks to the resistance tests they have carried out. Which means the Z Flip has a lifespan of 5 years with 100 cycles per day.

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