Shorts, Youtube's Tik Tok, Coming Soon

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Youtube will attack Tik Tok head-on with Shorts, a new video format. Successfully tested in India, this feature will be available in the United States in the coming weeks.

Youtube announces at the same time some improvements on its mobile platform.

Tik Tok gave the anthill a hell of a kick and surprised the world with his success. So it makes sense to see the competition trying to emulate it. We can evoke Instagram with its Reels, but soon, another competitor will enter the competition: Youtube. The platform presented its Shorts format a few months ago. These are videos of 15 seconds or less, shot vertically and designed to be shared as much as possible. At this time, Shorts is only available in India for a full-size test. It has proven successful for Youtube.

Youtube announces that Shorts will be deployed in beta in the coming weeks in the United States. No news for Europe yet, but the old continent should follow at one point or another. A new competitor in the field of viral videos, therefore, who will try to steal his place from Tik Tok. Beta obliges, the application could undergo major changes before its "official" release, but the format should not change. We are now waiting to see whether this YouTube attempt to counter Tik Tok will be unsuccessful or not.

At the same time, Youtube announced an improvement of its mobile application on several points. For example, chaptering will now be automatic and a new interface will appear under the videos to get to the place you want. Likewise, it will be possible to further personalize your musical mixes via Youtube Music.

The interface under the videos has also been revised, including a natural integration of product sheets that will lead directly to the purchase page. Discreet improvements that should arrive in the coming weeks on the platform.

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