Samsung Introduces New Foldable Phones, Watches and Headphones

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Samsung, the world's number one smartphone spearheaded by Xiaomi, unveiled a series of new products on Wednesday: folding phones, smartwatches that measure all your data, and wireless earbuds.

Samsung Introduces New Foldable Phones

"We bring these experiences to everyone, not just the privileged," said TM Roh, president of the South Korean giant's mobile communications division, during an Internet-streamed marketing event.

The company seeks to maintain its leadership both in the American Apple and in its iPhones that are considered as efficient as it is expensive, and in the Chinese Xiaomi, whose sales increased 83% in the second quarter, according to a study by the firm Canalys.

Samsung will launch its third generation of folding cell phones this month, the Galaxy Z Fold3 (priced at $ 1,800) and the Galaxy Z Flip3 ($ 1,000 minimum).

Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 and Fold 3

The Fold3 is a smartphone that, when opened, becomes a mini-tablet, to make it easier for users to use several applications at the same time, such as watching a video while shopping, according to the example given by the manufacturer.

The Flip3 folds in on itself like a pocket mirror, with a small screen "that makes it easy to read notifications and messages without having to open it," the group said in a statement that also boasts of its ability to "still take selfies. more incredible without the hands. "

Earlier this year, Samsung launched a new line of high-end 5G smartphones, the Galaxy S21, starting at $ 800 for the cheapest model, which is $ 200 less than its S20 counterpart when it launched in 2019.

In the second quarter, the South Korean manufacturer had 19% of the global market share, followed by Xiaomi with 17% and Apple with 14%, according to Canalys.

Samsung has also focused on its new connected watch, the Galaxy Watch 4, which is supposed to measure many body parameters in detail, especially during sports or sleep.

Its users will also be able to answer calls with a forearm gesture or reject notifications by shaking their wrist.

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