Record: 3281 synchronized drones for an exceptional show

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To celebrate its arrival in the Chinese market, the South Korean luxury automaker Hyundai Genesis performed a show and set a new record by making a synchronized flight of 3,281 drones.

The use of drones in outdoor shows is more and more widespread, and Hyundai has just broken a record.

The automaker recently celebrated the arrival of its Genesis brand focused on luxury vehicles on the Chinese market. On this occasion, the brand organized a show with the synchronized flight of 3,281 drones.

A performance that was entered in the Guinness Book, never a choreography involving so many drones had been performed in the past.

The previous record was held so far by Shenshen Damoda who performed a show in October 2020 using 3,051 drones.

Genesis didn't just form its logo in the sky with drones, but also materialized the G80, its latest sedan as well as its GV80, a luxury SUV.

Remember that these performances involve quite impressive computing power, as well as high performance telecommunications networks to retrieve and analyze the telemetry of each drone live.

We were able to get a glimpse of it with a few technical explanations, in a smaller dimension during our visit to Puy du Fou, the park for its part operating a swarm of 30 Neocopter drones as part of its Cinéscenie night show.

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