New York police abandon robot dog

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As part of a long-term rental from Boston Dynamics, the New York police began testing a robot dog called Digidog at the end of 2020, based on the famous Spot. An experiment that came to an end.

Initially, the lease at 94,000 dollars was due to end in August with various applications in prospect to be evaluated. A premature shutdown occurred with a cancellation of the contract on April 22.

No technical problem and no Digidog burr that had aroused fears after an appearance in a few viral videos during interventions. An appearance considered frightening by some, without counting the criticisms concerning the sums involved.

The New York police responded by explaining that they have been using robots since the 1970s to save lives during hostage-taking and incidents related to hazardous materials. "This robot model (editor's note: Digidog) is tested to assess its capabilities against other models used by our emergency service unit and our demining team."

A robot dog to “save lives, protect people and police officers.” Nevertheless, the deployment of Digidog during a police mission had caused turmoil, fears of excessive surveillance and militarization.

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