Minibird's Pop Top: a good alternative to the Switch controller

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Gaming accessory maker Minibird has just released a range of ultra-colorful wireless controllers for the Switch. The Pop Top comes in four colors and features options that are not available on official Nintendo controllers.

With more than 84 million units sold, the very young Nintendo Switch (2017) ranks fourth among the brand's best-selling consoles, only behind the Wii (2006), the Game Boy (1990).) And Nintendo DS (2005). The fact that it is the first hybrid console, that is to say both the home console and the portable console, is not alien to this success.

Despite all its qualities, the Nintendo Switch still has some flaws. We will not retain here the arguments of the followers of more powerful consoles, such as the PlayStation or the Xbox to name a few, but the grip when the device is connected to the television. When the console is plugged in in the living room mode, users can use the joycons in different ways. Either using one of the removable parts or, in the case of a solo player, inserting them into what might look like a controller and that comes with the console. But now, the grip isn't really ideal.

Of course, Nintendo has thought of everything and has developed controls, wireless or wired, that range between 30 euros and 60 euros for the Pro Controller. An incredible sum anyway. But there are cheaper alternatives, like the very recent "Pop Top" from the manufacturer Minibird.

The controller comes in four very pop options: the Pika, for Pokémon fans, the "Signal" for those who love Batman, the "Unicorn", which refers to the Fortine game, and the "Question" for fans. to Mario.

Minibird promises a controller connected via bluetooth, wireless, and therefore without the problem of tangled cable, but also a controller that allows you to turn on your console remotely, with an adjustable motor, programmable rear buttons and a turbo function (manual and automatic). In short, a controller that you can configure as you wish.

Visual and handling

Visually, Pop Top has it all, and what's more, it's particularly cute in the "Pika" version. Without even touching it, we can see that it is smaller than the official Nintendo controllers. A less bulky appearance that makes it more pleasant both to the eye and to the hand. However, its small format may annoy some. In addition, it seems especially suitable for the hands of a child.

The Minibird Pop Top has, on its front face, the same buttons as in the joycons (start, screenshot of the directional cross, etc.). However, what does change is its location, which is similar to that of official Nintendo or even Xbox controllers, but also the addition of the "turbo" button that we talked about earlier.

As for the grip, it is a bit more complicated. If the shape is ideal, the materials used for the buttons, in particular, some of which are noisy after all, are a bit low and their lightness is of concern. On the other hand, the texture of the plastic, a bit rough, is very well thought out. After several hours of play, it does not slip and we have it well in hand. Good point for people who tend to sweat from the palm of their hand.

The points mentioned above are important, but the most important thing is still your behavior when playing.

First point, autonomy. In testing, the Minibird Pop Top lasted about fifteen hours, which is pretty decent. In comparison, the battery life of the Pro Controller is forty hours. Now, is it really essential to have a controller that lasts for several days when you mainly play at home, a place where you can charge it regularly? it's up to you.

The Pop Top is a wireless controller, but of course it is possible to play in wired mode. Supplied with the USB-C cable, but it is quite short (one meter). So you either have an outlet near where you are playing or use a longer cord.

The Minibird Pop Top controller is a very good and pretty alternative to the official Switch controllers which are noticeably more expensive. Ideal, therefore, for small budgets. Despite a few flaws that mostly reveal everyone's appreciation, this ultra-colorful controller is very practical and functional.

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