Microsoft: in a year, Internet Explorer will be wiped off the map

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The thing has been done in stages for more than 5 years, but the final stages of the abandonment of Internet Explorer are finally in sight.

After 25 years of good and loyal service, the old Microsoft browser will be definitively buried on June 15, 2022, with the abandonment of its latest version (IE 11) by most versions of Windows 10. In the meantime Microsoft 365 and other applications will stop supporting Internet Explorer on August 17th.

This expected announcement follows a whole series of events that previously placed the old navigator on his siding. In 2015 Microsoft launched the first version of Edge, replaced in 2019 by a new version of the browser, based on Chromium (also used by Google Chrome). 2016 also marked the end of support for older versions of Internet Explorer.

On Microsoft's side, the thing is clear, and it has been for a long time: "We are announcing that the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge," said Sean Lyndersay (Microsoft Edge Program Manager ).

That said, the firm is not letting down business users of Internet Explorer and the (many) institutions that still use it. As the specialist site reminds us, Edge will continue, at least until 2029, to offer IE mode. The latter makes it possible in particular to take charge of the old ActiveX scripts required for the old generation sites used (in particular internally) by certain structures.

Additionally, Microsoft will continue to offer Internet Explorer support through the Windows 10 Long Term Service Channel (LTSC). This support will be in effect throughout next year, which should give latecomers time to switch to Edge and, if necessary, use its IE mode. For individuals, with whom it had not been successful for a long time, Internet Explorer is already part of ancient history.

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