Best PC Displays Under $ 200 2021

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Are you on a $ 200 budget and looking for a quality PC display? Of course, it will be difficult to find what you need, but it is still possible. In fact, we've searched the market to find great PC displays for under $ 200, both dedicated to office automation and gaming. Flat or curved, read this buying guide for more information.

1. Best value for money: Dell S2421HGF

The Dell S2421HGF Gaming Monitor is the perfect PC monitor for enjoying your favorite games. So it gives you a fast and responsive gaming experience.

This Dell S2421HGF brand PC monitor features a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time with a new cooling design that ensures an uninterrupted experience. Quick pixel color changes eliminate motion blur and keep you in the center of the action. With this PC, you can play games in HD resolution and enjoy crisp, detailed graphics that will take you even deeper into the game.

Plus, it features AMD FreeSync Premium technology that enables even smoother gameplay by eliminating tearing and stuttering from the picture. The bold new design of this display allows it to perform as good as it looks. Its narrow 3-sided frame offers expansive views, while its unique rear vents provide optimal cooling when working hard. This means that this screen is also very powerful, it also has an incredible design.

2. Best cheap: SAMSUNG S22F350

With the Samsung S22F350 PC Display, you can enjoy a 21.5-inch Full HD LED display. So you can work, watch movies, and even play games.

The SAMSUNG S22F350 PC monitor has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. This model offers you a response time of 5ms, a thin 10mm frame and fights against blue light. It has an elegantly gathered back and a very understated circular foot elegantly complements the display. The 178 ° vertical and horizontal viewing angle ensures a clear representation whatever your position in front of the screen. Whether you are relaxed or gathered around the screen with your friends, the extra wide viewing angle offers perfect readability in any position.

3. Best high-end: Philips 245E1S

This Philips 245E1S PC monitor with integrated IPS panel gives you detailed images that you can enjoy while playing games or simply watching TV.

This Philips 245E1S PC monitor model has a wide viewing angle of 178 °. It has a removable stand and has a 100 × 100 VESA headphone output. With a 75Hz refresh rate coupled with AMD's FreeSync technology, this monitor can display smooth images over your favorite games, without unwanted clipping or slowdowns. Long-term exposure to screens can sometimes cause eyestrain, which is harmful to the body. To protect your eyes, Flicker-Free technology dramatically reduces flicker emitted from the screen, while LowBlue mode is responsible for reducing blue light emissions.

4. Samsung C27F396FHU Curved

With this Samsung C27F396FHU PC display, you can have an immersive experience when playing your games. Very ideal to make you live your passion making the most of the specific qualities of this screen.

The Samsung C27F396FHU PC Monitor is a 27-inch Full HD resolution display using VA technology. This technology gives a privileged place to the viewing angles of 148 ° horizontally and vertically, as well as respect for colors. With its native 3000: 1 contrast ratio, your photos will never look better and your movies more realistic. The slab of this PC screen is curved, for a more immersive and design rendering. You no longer live your multimedia or video game experiences as before.

The response time of this display is not negligible either with a gray-to-gray responsiveness of 4ms, making it versatile for gaming if need be. It is also equipped with AMD Freesync technology that syncs your AMD graphics card with your display. Therefore, your image will be more fluid and with less tense components, you have everything to win.

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