Best electric scooters for load from 120kg to 150kg

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When looking for an adult electric scooter model, several obvious criteria such as speed or self-help measure the quality of a model, but dwelling on this simple comparison would be a mistake.

Depending on your expectations and your needs, it is now possible to choose a scooter that corresponds exactly to what you are looking for. The weight that a scooter supports is definitely something to consider, whether it is because you want to ride with two people, carry the groceries or because you are a large person, this is a characteristic that you cannot ignore.

What is the maximum load of an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are a new green means of transportation to move easily in the city or in the countryside. This type of electric vehicle is also cheaper than an electric scooter and can be easily folded to be transported either in public transport or in the trunk of your car, which gives it a very practical aspect.

Most models of cheap electric scooters for adults can bear a maximum load of around 100 kg. For the models with a higher capacity, the price increases a bit but it is still quite accessible, the more expensive models have especially pushed the sporting specificities such as the maximum speed or the suspension modes, but they do not necessarily allow to support a high maximum weight.

As for the most robust electric scooters, we find in particular models that can support 120-130 kg, and some others with a capacity of up to 150 kg or even 200 kg, ideal for obese people.

Please note that most scooter models that have a load capacity of 120 kg or more have a removable saddle that allows you to enjoy the ride comfortably seated.

1. The best electric scooter for 150 kg: the Maverick

The Maverick is an electric city scooter with great range, a wide plate for disc feet and front and rear brakes for high-performance control of the boat. Allowing to support without problem up to 150 kg, this model allows to reach 45 km / h, for a range of approximately 45 km.

It also has an LCD screen to manage speed and battery charge, headlights and taillights (for braking), kickstand and turn signals - a real gem.


The quality / price ratio

The possibility of folding it

Bright LCD screen

The 9 driving modes available

The great autonomy

The retractable handlebar

Efficient fenders

Gradual acceleration and smooth braking

The presence of a Samsung battery guaranteed for 1 year

Good quality lights

10 inch inflatable wheels

The maximum weight supported 150 kg.


The charging time of 7 hours.

Not suitable for extreme terrain

2. Best value for money: SXT 1000 Turbo 120 kg

Available in black or white, this SXT 1000 Turbo scooter can support a maximum weight of 120 kg. Heavier and bulkier than the Maverick, this saddle model allows you to move comfortably on the road thanks to the presence of notched tires and rear and front suspensions that allow a more sporty riding style. The autonomy and speed characteristics are good and will allow large adults to get the most out of their model.

The SXT is particularly appreciated by long-distance cyclists, even if its weight can be a significant obstacle in terms of mobility, especially in the city if you have to climb stairs or even take it to your house or apartment without an elevator.


The price

All terrain tires


Engine power

5h fast charge

Ultra-fast handlebar fold

Good quality LEDs

2 years warranty


Vehicle weight (38 kg)

Choosing an electric scooter for overweight adults

As we said before, there are different models of electric scooters with a maximum load of 120 kg. If the manufacturer tends to propose this feature, it is not always realistic to consider that all models are actually made for adults with strong builds, the performance of each particular scooter model depending on the weight of the user.

Indeed, if a person weighing 90-100 kg buys, for example, the Xiaomi M365, a cheap and foldable model, they can really use it, but clearly they will not be able to fully benefit from the features of the model.

The M365 is a model that officially supports 100 kg and allows traveling 30 km at a maximum speed of about 25 km / h. If a 100 kg person actually buys this model and starts using it, they will quickly realize that they have made a mistake in their purchase: the displayed range will actually be divided by 2 and the maximum speed will never be reached by this person with this model.

Therefore, this person will have to turn to models that support a weight of 120 kg. These models of electric scooters for large people usually have a range and a higher motor power than those usually made on the market. This will allow a person weighing 90-100 kg, despite their weight, to take long walks and be able to circulate at a good speed.

For adults weighing between 100 and 130 kg, it is highly recommended to use models that support a load of 150 kg and so on up to 200 kg, which is, according to our knowledge, the maximum weight that an electric scooter can support.

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