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Best cheap 3d printers 2021

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A true technological gem, the 3D printer is destined to revolutionize our society. And everyone wants to have this little wonder at home. But now, the cost of these types of devices sometimes scares more than one.

Currently there are low-cost models that can compete with high-end models. With this guide you can find your cheap 3d printer.

1. Best quality / price ratio: ELEGOO March 2

This 3D printer perfectly combines robustness and practicality. Added to this is an ease of use that definitely places this device among the most interesting models on the market. In short, it is a safe bet for any user.

With an aluminum body, ELEGOO Mars 2 shows a robust and elegant design. First-hand, it's hard not to notice its exceptional build quality. Which can guarantee long-term use. For ease of use, it incorporates a 6.8-inch high-resolution LCD screen as well as a multilingual interface.

In terms of print quality, this device impresses with its extremely high precision thanks to MSLA technology, which offers more uniform UV irradiation. With the LCD screen, the level of detail of the 3D printed parts is excellent. Additionally, this printer is capable of fast prints with a record 2-second curing time for resin layers.

2. Best cheap: Creality Ender 3

Creality Ender 3 is very easy to use and requires no specific technical knowledge. The user can complete all the settings on their own in just half an hour. The ideal device for a newbie.

Rugged, the Creality Ender 3 has been designed with premium materials. Once the assembly is finished, all the elements are perfectly aligned, thus allowing a stable impression. Assembling this printer is like assembling furniture, even a beginner can do it without encountering any particular problems.

This model stands out for its print quality and correct finish. It offers a printing precision of around 0.1mm. In addition, it is equipped with a memory function that prevents interruption of printing even in the event of a failure of the electrical system. The Creality Ender 3 also benefits from an improved extruder to avoid under-extrusion problems. Thanks to its triangular Slot wheels, it can run silently.

3. Best high-end: FlashForge Dreamer

If you want to get started in dual extrusion 3D printing, FlashForge Dreamer can quickly achieve satisfying results. You will also appreciate the various technologies that equip this model.

With its completely closed structure and its glass that allows you to observe the printing phase, the FlashForge Dreamer shows a beautiful design. Seen from the outside, its appearance already gives an idea of its robustness. To complete its appeal, it is also adorned with a 3.5-inch IPS Touch color display.

The FlashForge Dreamer includes 2 extruders that can print many colored objects. On the printing side, this device is compatible with PLA and ABS. It offers a resolution of around 0.2mm and a build volume of 230x150x140mm; performances that are quite acceptable compared to other models.

4. Excellent: Creality CR-6 Se

It is a very quiet, high-performance model suitable for all types of use that Créality offers us with its CR-6 SE model. Therefore, you will benefit from correct print speed and neat reproduction with this device.

From the day of delivery, the Creality CR-6 Se is ready for use. It only takes five minutes to set it up completely. Once assembled, this 3D printer looks great with its aluminum frame. Its robustness ensures that it withstands time well and lends itself ideally to long-term use.

Beginners will appreciate the ease of use of this device. In fact, it is equipped with a 4.3-inch color touch screen and a better user interface. Print quality is largely satisfactory due to the presence of an adjustable timing belt that significantly dampens vibrations. But one of the biggest strengths of this model is that it can run quietly.

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