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Best 1TB External Hard Drives 2021

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Running out of space to store files that are too large or to store confidential information? In this case, you surely need an external hard drive of at least 1TB. The device installs automatically thanks to Plug & Play SSD or HDD technology? Find the best 1TB external hard drive with this comparison.

1. To everyone's liking: WD My Passport 1TB

This 1TB external hard drive can be easily transported. It will automatically back up all your data and protect it with a password. Please note that this model is compatible with PC and game consoles.

The WD My Passport 1TB is equipped with an ultra-rugged case. It resists scratches very well. Even if you drive it all day, no fingerprints will appear on it. Your elegant style will not go unnoticed. Thanks to a new design, the device now adopts a more compact format. However, it is still very practical. Also, it is available in several bright colors to choose from.

Are you worried about losing your data? Do not worry! This model will be your best companion. In fact, it integrates the WD Backup software. Everything you create (photos, music, videos, digital files, etc.) will be treasured. You can configure it to perform an automatic backup as often as you like. To enable password protection, use AES 256-bit hardware encryption and WD Discovery.

2. Best cheap: Toshiba Canvio Basics

One of the most incredible 1TB external hard drives for under $ 45, the Toshiba Canvio Basics HDTB410EK3AA is super easy to use. In read mode, its speed can exceed 110MB / s.

Despite its slightly too minimalist design and plastic casing design, the Toshiba Canvio Basics HDTB410EK3AA 1TB external hard drive still exudes ruggedness. We can only appreciate the delicacy of its case, only 1.4 cm, as well as its elegant style and matte finish. During the entire data transfer process, a blue LED will blink. Plus, it will be done at incredible speed thanks to the USB 3.2 Gen 1 port. However, older hardware is required due to its USB 2.0 support.

This device will not come with any software. The Plug & Play system makes it easy to use the 1TB external hard drive. You are required to format it as NTFS for use with Windows. On Mac OS, you need to reformat it. To send your favorite files to or from the storage device, simply "drag and drop". Toshiba Canvio Basics HDTB410EK3AA promises a read speed of up to 110MB / s and a write speed of 95.8MB / s.

3. Best high-end: Western Digital My Book AV-TV

Recording hours of TV shows has never been easier. As long as your TV has a USB recording function, you can use the Western Digital My Book AV-TV 1TB external hard drive.

Visually, the Western Digital My Book AV-TV resembles the other models in the My Book range. However, it stands out for its compatibility with televisions that have a program recording option. As soon as you plug into USB 2.0 or 3.0, it will save your favorite content in SD or HD mode. The device has a WD GreenPower drive, specially designed to save energy. If your TV has a dual tuner, you can watch other programs while recording.

Once plugged in, the TV will immediately recognize your 1TB Western Digital My Book AV-TV external hard drive. So you can go straight to formatting to make your settings effective for your TV. The external hard drive is particularly quiet. Certainly it does emit noise, but the latter will be covered by the sound of the TV. It works continuously until you turn off the TV. This, so you can roll back if a stock was missed.

4. Excellent choice: Intenso memory case

This 1TB external hard drive, which provides an average rotation speed of 5400 rpm and connects via USB 3.0, will accompany you on all your trips without being bulky.

The 1TB Intenso Memory Case External Hard Drive is offered at a reasonable price. Its 2.5 "size makes it very compact. It does not have Ethernet or FireWire connectivity (400 and 800), but that does not prevent it from being convenient. Weighing 165 g and measuring 7.7 x 12.6 cm, this model It is compatible with Mac (Mac OS 10.x) and Windows (Windows XP / Vista / 7) operating systems without any problem, it is recommended to format it in FAT32 before use.

Its writing speed goes up to 95 MB / s while reading is 65 MB / s with an average rotation speed of 5400 revolutions per minute. In addition to these few advantages, the 1TB Intenso Memory Case external hard drive also stands out due to the fact that it is self-powered. Unfortunately, like the vast majority of devices of this genre, it only has one USB Type-A port (version 3.1 Gen 1). You can still downgrade it and use it on a 2.0 port.

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