Apple would be working on a console competing with the Nintendo Switch

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Apple is reportedly working on a hybrid console similar to the Nintendo Switch. This crazy rumor comes to us from Korea.

At the very beginning of the week, a very strange rumor appeared concerning Apple. According to an anonymous source, the California-based company is in the process of working on a hybrid portable console, which would be both portable and home, like the Nintendo Switch. A console that would be based on a new homemade chip.

Also according to this Korean informant, the Cupertino company intends to work with large companies well known in the video game market to develop games especially for the Apple console. An agreement has already been signed with Ubisoft. Information that has not been confirmed, but this would not be surprising, as the site PhonAndroid points out, since Apple is already in negotiations with the French giant for its subscription gaming service Apple Arcade.

An Apple console, is it possible?

So, yes, it is possible, since anything is possible. However, this rumor has reason to doubt. First, because, as iPhoned points out, the source behind the rumor having no reliable history, it is recommended that this information be taken with a grain of salt.

Second, because Apple's products already provide the ability for its users to play video games. In particular thanks to its Apple Arcade system that we mentioned above. Moreover, according to our colleagues, the company would consider creating an Apple TV dedicated to gamers and equipped with a powerful media player.

If the Apple console did see the light of day, it would not be the brand's first attempt in the video game market, since in 1996, the apple company launched the Pippin, also called Apple Bandai Pippin, which did not meet with the expected success. Its operation was stopped a year later.

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