Amazon is building its own quantum computer

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Amazon, the world's largest provider of cloud computing, that is, supplying through a network of hardware, software and data, is developing its own quantum computer.

The Amazon giant is building its own computer, writes the German daily Handelsblatt on Monday. "We have an internal project to build our own quantum computer and develop software and algorithms for it," says Oskar Painter, leader of the quantum team at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The quantum computer must provide an answer to the physical limits of the development of high-performance computers. A quantum computer does not store information in the form of bits, which offer only two states (one or zero), but in the form of qubits, which can be both at the same time. In theory, then, it could be much faster and more powerful than a traditional computer.

Google has been working on this technology since 2006. In 2019, the company claimed to have achieved what is known as quantum superiority because its 53-qubit Sycamore processor performed faster calculations than the fastest conventional supercomputer. IBM has been offering its cloud customers since 2019 access to its quantum computer "Q System One" with 20 qubits. In June, the company also unveiled its first commercial 25-qubit quantum computer in Europe.

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