A smart scale can help keep you fit

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Is your weight the only indicator of your health? false!. For example, a person with a "healthy" weight may have too high a fat percentage. To measure not only your weight, but also body fat, body water, and bone and muscle mass, you can use a smart scale. We explain how it works.

Anyone who has been to a gym has probably seen one. A sophisticated scale that not only collects your weight, but also many other body data. You have to stand on it and in some cases you have to hold the handles as well.

For those who want to know everything about their body, this tool is very useful. On the other hand, what is less is that it is only found in gyms or pharmacies. Since then, smart scales for private use have appeared on the market and have become democratized. They are interesting for people who want to lose or gain weight or who simply want to watch their weight, but also for athletes who want to gain muscle mass.

How does it work?

The smart scale sends a limited dose of electricity to your body through your feet. This current passes through your body from one foot to the other. Fat mass, bones, body fluids, and muscle mass have different strengths. The current identifies these different resistances and the data is converted into measurement results in a mathematical model. Therefore, the devices can display your fat percentage, water content, bone mass, muscle mass, and BMI.

Track your progress through an app

There are some very expensive and sophisticated models, but even a basic home model offers reasonably accurate measurements. The most interesting aspect is to follow your progress. Most smart scales come with an application that automatically records your weighing results.

This can, in fact, be very motivating, especially for those who want to transform their body, as seeing a number that does not decrease can be depressing. While in reality, as part of a sports activity, in particular to lose weight, fat mass is transformed into muscle. That it weighs more and therefore can cause the weight figure on the scale to increase. This, in a smart version, also allows you to closely monitor your progress or see if you are consuming enough fluids on a daily basis.

Therefore, the smart scale can be useful. However, keep in mind that the most important thing is not to achieve a physical ideal, but to maintain good health.

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